TRT Stopped Teste Pains?

Thanks for your reply !
I will try SC for my next injection, IM was starting to hurt like hell.

My body tempeture did have a significant rise after two week’s at 50mg /day of iodine , but is not optimum.

I will be seing my urologist today. My testies as a bit of ache but not that mutch. I’m hopping he will prescrib hcg. Any way I will know more soon.

Im on liquid anastrozole, that I got over internet. It stop my nipple from being sensitif but every time I take it, I fell sleepy for 2 day’s and need more sleep.
It’s been doing this from day one.


I just got out of the urologist office.
It took 10 minutes…
Is questions : are you felling better
My anser: yes alot better
Is anser : ok good, we will check your PSA and bio. T in 6 months.
What abouth my thyroide ?
What abouth my E2?
He just said, we could check this out to.
I asked him abouth anastrozole, and he told me that it was only for fat guy’s. They need that you don’t .
I told him every body is controling there E2 and also taking hcg to keep there testies alive, on a forum that I inlisted on. He told me in all is year’s of practice he never even bouther checking E2.
It looked like I new more then him, this is crazy!
So I asked him for a reference for a endo.
This is incredible, total waist of time !!!

So order a lab test online. My Dr really doesn’t know much about TRT. I told him the dose I wanted to take, the amount of Anastrozole I wanted and showed him my most recent labs I did from LabCorp, but ordered and pre paid myself online, For $60. Showed him my labs, he put my dose I requested in my medical file and all was good.

I just got back from my endo. What a joke. He asked me what he could do for me. So, I told im: I would need some hcg to protect my testes and have a complet trt protocol . Is anser : My god! I can prescrib that, they are GH, I will loos my licence!!! I tried to convince im, but no use. He is suppose to look in to it. I have to cal im back in two week’s. But , I already know the anser.

Anyway, I will get hcg on line. I am running out of patience.

I have already got some anastrozole on line but will be switching to aromasin. I am and over responder, and do not react verry good to anastrozole. I don’t have the labs to proove it. But I have all the symptomes. Mostly, verry dry lips, sore and tracking joints, low libido and ED .

My doctor ordre a thyroide test.

TSH 2.01 (0.35-5.00 mlU/L)
Free T4 14.0 (12.0-22.0 pmol/L)
Free T3 1.9 (1.0-2.7 pmol/L)
Total T3 1.9 (1.0-2.7 nmol/L)

T4 is verry low, does anybody knows wy, what abouth you @KSman ?
My body tempeture did rise but are not optimal.
Do I need to redo a iodine reload one more time ?

I had a vasectomy 9 years ago and had bad pain for months. This is when my Low T issues started, but took me two years to figure out that Low T was the problem. For past five years I’ve been trying to figure out a good TRT protocol. Finally found one with the SubQ and Iodoral and selnium and vit d and HCG. When I started TRT, my testes ached real bad and got smaller because they became inactive. When I started HCG they grew again and the aching stopped.

Personally, I don’t sleep well yet and still have energy and libido problems, but finally getting the muscle mass back and starting to get some mood issues resolved. Not as depressed and tired. Ultimately, I think there are MANY systems tied together and, like many of us in here, you have to constantly try different things and find the ultimate balance.

This may not help anybody, but you have to look at your T levels, E levels, Thyroid, adrenals, diet issues, mental issues and SOOOO much more. Don’t rush it, don’t change too much too fast and keep looking at EVERYTHING because you will be surprised at what may cause problems. Funny enough, I figured out I was allergic to beef, coffee, gluten, dairy, garlic, all legumes and many other things. These caused intestinal problems which caused problems unrelated to my TRT issues. They were unrelated, but trying to solve those problems with my TRT became frustrating because I was looking in the wrong place for the wrong thing.

Good luck to all…

Hi londjourney, I have found my self to have many intolerance that I ad never ad befor. I stoped heating bananas, oat meal, pasta, bread. No more caffeine for my workout or pre, intra workout drinks.

I started to read abouth cadidas, parasits and leak y gut. I first started to take fresh green black walnut wormwood complex for two week’s. Then I started to drink a mixte contaning 20 oz of watter, two tbls of Apple cider vinegar, 1 tbls of honey and one tbls of cinamon. This is my new drink and it realy helps with my digestion. I also started to take 20 g of gelatin split in two portions, for the last two months. My gut is almost 100%, no more gas, or pain. I can now eat pasta, drink beer and even bananas. I don’t bloat anymore and feal short breath. My joint are getting better every day, my shoulder are 80% and getting better. I eat katos most of the time but not completely there yet.

I have found that libido is mostly related to E2. Im a anastrozole over responder so one drop off this liquide is all I can take. My uro or endo are not aware of me taking anastrozole, they do not tink E2 have to be menaged. I will have blood test done soon. I notice that I am fealing better whit more energy and better libido. To mutch anastrozole and my libido crash, my joints aches and loose all energy.

Yes I agry, it’s little things that realy make a différences. Like it or not it is imperatif that we educated ourself. That is the key.


All good things that I will look into. I don’t have many problems gut wise anymore, but I also don’t eat many foods. Yes, bananas, gluten, coffee, dairy, legumes, garlic, beef and many other foods were a problem due to a leaky gut. Once food particles get past your gut through damaged intestines, they travel into your blood and your body treats them as a virus and create antibodies to that particular food. Then, when you eat that food in the future, your body thinks your are getting sick and goes into fight mode. That drains you and causes a whole host of problems.

Fixing leaky gut is something I haven’t explored as much as I should’ve, but I’ve been chasing TRT and other health issues. One day I will start on a protocol to introduce new foods after repairing my gut fully.

After many years, I have just gotten to the point where my TRT is good, I realize my Thyroid is good and have learned that my rT3 is too high and is causing problems. This, as I’ve come to understand is due to Adrenal Fatigue and that is my next pursuit. Hopefully that will repair my continued energy issues, inability to lose fat, libido and ED issues and a few other problems. This site has been invaluable to that effort.

TSH 2.01 (0.35-5.00 mlU/L)
Free T4 14.0 (12.0-22.0 pmol/L)
Free T3 1.9 (1.0-2.7 pmol/L)
Total T3 1.9 (1.0-2.7 nmol/L)

T4 is verry low

You did not show T4, only fT4
fT4 mid-range is 17, 14 is too low
TSH should be closer to 1.0
fT3 and T3 are the same, please correct.

Sorry abouth that @KSman , fT3 = 5.1 ( 2.6-5.7 ) and I do not have T4.
For some reason lab work are never complet.

fT3 = 5.1 ( 2.6-5.7 )
That is higher than mid-range, probably compensating for something and if that is elevated rT3, your body temperatures have been low.

With elevated rT3, we need to consider adrenal fatigue, look that up in the thyroid basics sticky and note stress factors and Wilson’s book.

Stress can include training when energy levels are low, driving through with sheer will power - aka adrenalin.

Can you get rT3 tested?

Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

I have modified my training in the last 4 months.
I’m now training 6 times a week but only 35 to 60 minutes at a time , instead of 4 times a week 2hr. I also only do 3 compound mouvements pyramidal style (1×12, 1x10, 1x8, 1x6, 1x3). I have more wheel power that I should, can get me in trouble. Weight lifting is my religion if you know what I mean😆. I will be redusing the volume so this will help. I keep getting stroger and so is my hand grip. So how can I be having a probleme whit adrenal fatigue ?

At 210lbs
Benching 295lbs x3
Squating 355lbsx3
Deadlift ing 375lbsx3
Military presse 190lbsx3

I have completely stop using whey proteine, and pre-workout drinks, and also stoped using caffeine.

I’m presentely using:

Vitamine D3 10 000 iu ED slit in 2
Vitamine C 5 000 iu ED befor bed
Magnesium 300 mg ED befor bed
Zinc 50 mg E7D
B complex 100 ED
Multivitamine ED
Idoral iodine 6.25 mg ED (started 2 week’s ago)
Niacine 1500 to 2000mg ED befor bed
Gelatin 10g ED (for joint, tissus and gut healt)
Test cyp 50mg and 40mg E3.5D
Anastrozole 1 drop E3.5D

I will be getting complet thyroide test in a couple of week’s. Hopping this one will be complet.

I got some hcg on line, so will be completing my trt.
Plan on only using 100 iu E3.5D, I tend to over react to meds, so will be going slow.

Thanks again !

I have read the stickies on adrenal fatigue and thyroide. So I will be adding a couple of suplements.

  • CoQ10 ED for the next 2 months and will be switching to Ubiquinol, it is more bio-assimilated.

  • Rhodiala ED

  • Selenium ED

I’m curenly suplementing whit vitamine C, D, iodine and Magnesium for adrenal fatigue.

I have bean using CoQ10 and Rhodiala for only 2 day’s and my sleep as improved and my energy level to. It’s like my stress level as drop and I do feal more focus. I’m hopping that this will persiste.

Will be posting back soon.

hCG is a natural hormone, not a drug. So it may behave normally for you. However, I have seen two guys here that reacted rather strongly to hCG, leading to an adverse amount of T–>E2 inside the testes, leading to higher serum E2 levels, and anastrozole cannot control T–>E2 inside the testes.

hCG should not react any differently for you than your own LH. But one difference is that hCG is a high amount every two days VS LH release in pulses through the day.

I got a cal from my urologist today and he told me that it was impossible to give me a script for hcg.
He told me that I could get fibroide in my testes.
Is this a joke!?! I Google it and it turned out it’s a condition that women could have doing the hcg diet.

You can add that to the stupid things that doctor do and say sticky.

Stupid Things That Docs Do and Say - #106 by pessos

Women have huge hCG levels during pregnancy. That is why their urine is collected to obtain hCG. Sorry, you did not need to know that. So hCG diet is harmful? Give me a break. Fibroids are a result of estrogen dominance, as progesterone levels fall in later adulthood, a progesterone deficiency. The uterus is affected, not the ovaries. hCG will increase a woman’s hormone levels and all of that is complicated by changes during a woman’s cycle. Women get fibroids and ovarian cysts all of the time. So how can one sort out the effects of hCG. For any given women who has hormone problems, hCG could be expected to make that worse in some cases. Life is tough for women!

Hi KSman !
I took my first SC injection of hcg, felt good all day like super man, then on the next day felt like shit.
I took only 250iu, and I most confest it’s my second try. I tried 250iu IM a week ago and I felt like shit only a couple of houres later. Took me abouth three day to feal good again. So I must be over responding to this to? Could this confirm that my testes are not the problem and that my punery glande is the problem ? I do not know if I’m primary or secondaire.

I also felt pain in my teste on the night of the injections and for the next couple of day’s.
Realy bizarre !
Is this normal ?

I only took 2 trops of anastrozole with my SC injection this time around. Could this be a result of my E2 rising or craching down? I know that Al. can not lower E2 inside the testes. The time befor with IM I ad taken 3 drops. So I will have to try taking hcg with out any anastrozole and at 100 iu will up the doss slowly and see how it goes.

My doctor and other specialists don’t know that i’m taking Al. and hcg. Should I tell them?

I have bean reading on varicocele and i’m wondering if this could be the source of my low T and testes ache. I notice my left testicule to be bigger then the right side. And the left scrotum seam to be fuller. Could trt have help in redusing the pain by cutting off the LH. Could hcg trying to get my testes causing the pain to return ?
I will have to investaged with my urologist.

TRT shuts off LH/FSH.

But why to testes hurt?
If one starts TRT with hCG, the testes never shink.
If hCG is introduced later, testes can be aching then hCG typically fixes that and with introduction of hCG one might have sensations from the testes related to physical recovery.

Are your testes+hCG flooding E2? Only way to know is to test E2 levels at that time. You sometimes need labs to get where you need to be.

Can you get labs on your own there. Most, not all, USA States allow that.

Testes ever examined?

I’m not from the US, I am from Canada, Québec to be precise. I have blood test shedul for next fryday. I’m preaty sure that my E2 is Hi , but, I can feal it comming down. Less emotionnal today, I ad more patiance, felt less overwelme and more positif. I will reduce to 100iu of hcg and see how I feal.
Anastrozole will be of no use, I’m a over responder, so I need to go verry slow on this.

My urologist never examine me, when I tolded him the aches ad stop sinse on trt, he only said good.
They are the Best at treating symptomes and that’s abouth it. The root cause is not important.

Ps: I tried two other injection at 250iu of hcg. The testes ache are gone but I have no energy or motivation to train.
I was fealing verry good befor hcg ,add lots of energy and verry good libido.
I do not know wath to make of this. But I decided to ride it out. I will give my body time to stabilise and will be doing BW in 4 or 6 week’s. I think that I can get BW done in Vermont ?

“Residents of NY, NJ, RI and MD are not permitted to have blood drawn at LabCorp, due to state regulations. Blood draw kits will be sent in lieu of a requisition. Additional fees for drawing and processing your blood may apply.”

As an experiment, Nolvadex could be used to increase LH/FSH to see how you react to that VS hCG.