TRT Stopped Teste Pains?

Hi guy’s ! I have bean lifting for the last 5 year’s and started to have probleme with recovery,libido and digestion . I also went verry frequenly to restroom to have a leak 3 to 4 times/ night, and add more and more trouble having a good night sleep, on top of that , I started having intence teste aches . So, after running some blood test , it turned out my ft =175 and bio test= 300 so I started TRT. My doctor put me on 100mg test cyp. every 2 week, I felt good only 3 days after my first injection IM in my quad, but 8 days afert my fist injection I it a wall no energy , felt like I weighted 600 pound. And started having a intence migraine and it stop abouth 2 houre after my second injection. I whent back to see my doctor and up graded to 100mg per week. felt better but add migrain 2 to 3 days befor next injection. So at fifth week on TRT, and after reading the stickies I started injecting .50mg every 3.5 day’s, migraine stoped. I also notice that my teste ache ended after only 3 weeks on TRT and the pain just vanish.

How can that be possible?

-age: 44 year’s old
-height: 5’8"
-waist: 32"
-weight: 205 lbs
-I have lots of body hair, arms, chest,legs, and a little on the back. juste started to have grey haire on my head and face.
-I carry my fat on my waist, love handle.
-good health in general, no alergies, head comotion 10 year old ad migrains for de next 10 years and stop.
-no Rx or drugs ever
-diet : 30%proteine, 30%vegies and fruits,30% carbs and 10%fat
-training hi intensity and hi volume,compound mouvement, 4 times /week 90 min. fasted. but with pre and intra workout drink…
-teste ache after I add my vasectomy 11 or 12 years a go, add some unxeplainable fever but I never made the link with teste ache.
-I add morning wood and nocturnal wood but not every night.


Cannot explain that. Many get teste aches caused by low LH that TRT causes unless one injects hCG.

Tribal knowledge follows:

Please read the stickies found here: About the T Replacement Category - #2 by KSman

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

Please post your on TRT labs when you get them, with ranges:
fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol

E2, estradiol is a major cause of prostate problems. At age 44 you should not have these issues, so something is wrong. Pain vanishing might be misleading.

Post all labs that you have now with ranges.
Has a doctor investigated those symptoms?

I had right Teste pain and was a little larger than left. 2 weeks after i started TRT my pain went away 100% and I don’t have to pee all the time at night like in past. So I am sure TRT helped my pain, because I had it for years. May have been overworking of Teste’s causing the pain and size went back to normal too.

I forgot to mention that I add a vasectomi 10 year’s
ago and add a discomfer ever sins. But the last 12 week’s befor trt was hell. Never talk to any one abouth it. Was normal for me I gues. My doctor stil does not know ,I will let im know on next visit.

I stoped using creatine 2 week’s befor I started my TRT, after reading that creatine taken in to large dose could cause prostate inlargement, this coulded be linked.

The liste of suplements:
Vd3= 4000ui every day
Creatine=5 to 10g after training
Taurine=2g wen needed after training or bed
Cafeine=100mg befor training
Niacine=1000mg befor training
Arginine=5g befor training
Pre-workout extrem=17g
Magnesium =300mg befor bed
Multivitamine=1 in morning
Oméga 3= 2 soft gels / meal (gaved me nose blead add to reduse 1/meal)
Fast acting carbs=25g befor /intra

I traîner fasted at 4:30am 2x/week 90 min.
and 8am 2x/week 90 min.

Blood test befor TRT:
BIO T=3.0
FT=181 and 173 4 week’s later (196-636 poml/L)
Hemotocrit=0.46 (0.38-0.49 L/L)
Fasting glucose=5.7 (3.6-6.0 mmol/L)
AST 29 <37 U/L
ALT=38 <46 U/L

The rest was not in my BW sorry.

Thanks for the help guy’s !

After reading stickies on iodine and thyroide,I decided to take my tempeture. I was surprised of how low it turned out to be. In the morning 94 f and after diner was 96 f. So I started to take 50 mg of iodoral iodine and two multivitamin that have some sélénium in it (55mcg). Is that a good portion of selenium ? I never use iodised salt, bean using sea salt for the last 20 years. I am on my fourth day now and my tempeture is starting to rise.
I also seam to be swetting more then I ever did and having hot flash durring the day and night for no reason.

I got some BW done and will be posting them soon.
I have a urologist appointement in 3 week to figure out what was giving me my teste ache. But for know no pain and fealing better.

Talked to my doctor abouth Al and HCG, he is not confortable with that so will waith for the BW and the urologist verdict.

I got my blood work in today, on TRT:
-50mg test cyp. Every 3.5 day’s
-0mg Al
-0mg hcg

TT 30.6 7.6-31.4 nmol/l
FT 899 196-636 pmol/l
BIO. T 22.4 1.2-10.9 nmol/l
E2 146 <224pmol/l
Fasting glucose 5.8 3.6-6.0 mmol/l
PSA 1.19 <2.51

I will be posting the rest when it comes in.

My testosterone seam to be hight , so does my E2 ,is this good or not ?

Il don’t know Wy it is so difficult to have all the BW I add ask for. I will have to waith for the next blood work. My BW is incomplet ! Cal the lab and that is it.

It’s now my 8 week on TRT.
My digestion is a lot better, still add lots of intestinale gaz. So I stoped eating oat meal , I use to eating 1 to 1 cup 1/2 every day for the last 3 year’s. Intestinale disconfort stoped after 3 day’s and never came back. I also stoped going to the restroom at night and go alot less in the day time.My libido Skype rocketted in the first week but seam to be regressing every week. Could be from having to mutch E2 ? My énergie level is better but not optimum, could be from my thyroide that is not optimum?

Il woud like to inject SC but my test cyp. indicate that it can only be IM.

So here are my question :slight_smile:

1- can oat meal effect my nutrience adsorption and my T level ?
2-can I use this ester ( test cyp.) to inject SC ?
3-is high E2 responsable for my libido going down ?
4-is TRT or quitting creatine responsable for stoping me go to the restroom frequenly and wy?
5-my energy level is not optimum what can I do to fix that?
6-is my testosterone level to hi , should I reduce to 40mg every 3.5 day’s ?
7-if I can’t get Al from my doctor, what can I do ?
8-is 110 mcg /day of selenium good or I need more?
9-is my vasectomi responsable for my teste problem ?

What do you guy’s tink and what abouth you KSman ?

My T sits right at the top of the range for (a 40 year old) I am taking 50mg Testosterone c every 3.5 days with .50 Anastrozole. My labs show ranges so hard to read yours. Mine last test was 30 and still a bit high, but my range on lab work is around 16-42

I add done some conversion, note sure I used the right ones .
What are the units of our TT, FT and Bio Test ?
I could do the right conversion.
And then, we could compaire.

I only have my total T and Estrogen levels, was waiting to do more in depth test once levels had time. My lab Corp test shows a range of 348-1197 ng/dL for 40 year old male. My Estrogen shows range of 7.6-42.6pg/ml , I am on 50mg testosterone c injections every 3.5 days and .50(1/2) a Anastrozole pill with each injection. My level after a few weeks on this new schedule was T=1119 and Estrogen 30.4(it should be closer to 22).

Hi KSman ! I posted my last BW results and a couple of question up above for you. I have a hard time imterpreting the result. The range seam of. Could you please have a look at it and tell me what you tink of it. Thanks

And on top of that, I tink the unit pmol/l for FT is not right. It should be mnol/l. Correct me if I’m rong.

I made some conversion to try to make sence of my result.
Estradiol 40 < (60 pg/ml)
FT 245 (53-173 pg/ml)
TT 883 (219-906 ng/dl)
Tbio 646 (35-314 ng/dl)

The range make no sence!?

If total free testosterone is really that level, seems high. I think minimum is 35pg/ml don’t know top level. Total T looks good, I want mine around that range. Estridol looks high, on my test max should be 42.6 pg/ml and ideal should be in area of 22. My Estridol showed 30.4 and KSman said 22 is where I should try to get it closer to 22.

Also to respond to your earlier post, I did say some stuff, but some I didn’t, so here is what I experienced on TRT so far after 4 weeks on stable dose. Teste pain went away 100%(had pain for like 3 years), I don’t have to use bathroom at night anymore(at most 1 time) before TRT 5 times at least. I can wait to use bathroom now, before I had to go instantly. Morning erections and much Fuller and no more hanging ball sack, before it was always hanging, now shrinks up like good old days.Increased sex drive, oily skin, hair on face grows much faster. Still not a lot of energy increase, but slightly better and caffeine seems to work better. Mind seems clear, can think better, feel less stressed. That’s about it so far.

I notice the same symptômes and improvements.
I’m aeger to started anastrazole, but my doctor is not to crazy abouth that. I’m tinking of getting it over internet. I know my E2 is Hi and I have to take care of that. I notice my nipple are getting more sensitive. Not a good sine. I don’t have oily skin or

And now for caffeine, I never drink Coffee but I use
Caffeine to train. On TRT and even befor TRT it gave me brain fog but not on every occasions ,but always played with my energy level the next day (sleepy all day), and It even affected my sleep.

And for energy, I notice my tempeture was verry low so I started taking iodine and it helps.

I don’t really have a starting point as to what my estrogen level was because my Dr only tested T total level. When I was on the 400mg T every 14 days my estrogen skyrocketed to 137+, so for 2 weeks I took Anastrozole every other day, then went to dose I am on now, thinking I should slightly up my dose now to get to the optimal level of 22. Take it slow, don’t overdo it.

I started taking liquid anastrozole. The first time I only took 4 drops. I felt tired all day kinne of dazed, cound not concentrate, worts workout in year’s.
Sleped verry Goog for the next couple of nights.
3.5 day’s later, after injecting 40 mg test cyp. IM.( I ad to go from 50mg to 40mg, my doctor thought my FT was to hi). I took .250mg of anastrozole diluted in a big glace of watter. I was not as drawsy and felt better. In a couple of houres my libido went up and so did my muscle ardenest, felt strogger and more energetic during workout, and stile Sleped good. (Could be the placebo effect?).The third time, I simply took .250mg of it diŕectly under the tong. I felt sleepy, again, for the next couple of days. I’m Starting to realy feal better, night and morning Wood ar verry strong, more energy, digestion and mood mutch better.

On the positif side of thing, my nipple are not as sensitif has they wore. I don’t know how my E2 will react but, I will be getting new BW soon, and finde out what my new E2 is at.

Is this normal?
How is our body’s suppos to react and is this related to are E2 going down or is there more to

Will be seing the urologiste on the 7 of dec.2016. I should get more information on my testies aches dissapiring with TRT. I will probably be undergoing a bunch of test. I will be posting results soon.

I don’t notice being any more tired than normal after taking .50 mg with each injection. I just chew the pill and swallow, really doesn’t even taste like anything(a tiny bit of bitter taste). You need to stay on steady dose for about 2 weeks before checking labs. I wouldn’t overdo the amount you take, any more than 1mg a week could drop your e2 to zero. I had same testicle ache that went away with TRT, i brought that to the attention of my Dr and all he said, was, nice you are getting benefits that science doesn’t talk about. LoL

I dont not have 1/8 of the testies ache’s I use to have befor starting TRT. But I can feal a slite burning sensation in my testies, but not all the time. It could be from not having any more LH stimulating them. I know we need to keep them alive. Having some of are testosterone flowing in are blood is a plus. But does guy’s do not only make testosterone, they also do differente other ormones. That is Wy we need to had hcg to have all the benifit of TRT. And avoid négatif side effects that will acure in the long run.
This is for life not just for a couple of year’s.
I will get on my doctor case on my next medical visit.

You can inject SC, does not matter what the label states, it gets 100% absorbed either way.

You would feel better and have better fat profiles with E2=80 pmol/L

You can feel bad if E2 get too low and this can happen if you are an anastrozole over-responder.

With iodine, your metabolism will change and it might react oddly for a while. Watch for increased body temperatures and improved clarity of thought and energy. Thyroid has a huge influence on your energy levels. t55mcg selenium might be enough, we often see higher numbers. You need to watch body temps and will need to test TSH, fT3 and fT4 at some point. But note that higher dose iodine increases TSH and then TSH lab results can be misleading.