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TRT/Steroid Friendly Doctors Near NYC

I’m a long time T-Nation member (I remember looking forward to weekly Atomic Dog columns). But I’m posting this from a new account as I don’t want it associated with my real account, which uses my real name.

My question is: does anyone know a good “anti-aging” or TRT/steroid friendly doctor in NYC or the greater NYC area? Or know where to go to get this info?

I’m 27, which is too young for many anti-aging docs. I’m hoping for someone who might be willing to aim for the higher end of accepted range, so I can run it like a cycle. I want to get it through a doctor because I can’t run the black market risk in my profession.

I realize this is a longshot, but I thought I’d try. Please PM me the info if you don’t want to post it publicly.


Most anti-aging dcos are affiliated with clinics that don’t seem to be too discriminate in the age of the patients they see…there are many of them taht you can find through a simple google search for your area using “anti-aging” as keywords.

No reason to be so secretive. If you have low test the doctor can legally prescribe you test. Its not like you are asking for locations of under ground labs.