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TRT Starts Tomorrow

So tomorrow I start TRT. I’m nervous AF, but also excited to begin improving my quality of life.

My doc prescribed:
200mg/once a week
T Cyp 90%/T Prop 10% blend
HCG 1000 iu/once a week

Should HCG be split up to EOD or E3D?

Based on what I’ve read here, that seems like a high starting T dose.
Instead, I’m considering:
120mg per week, 30 mg EOD
Would that make more sense?

My labs:

T, Serum: 377 Ref. Range: 264 - 916
T, Free: 14.8 Ref. Range: 8.7 - 25.1
Estradiol: 23.5 Ref. Range: 7.6 - 42.6
DHEA Serum: 97 Ref. Range: 31 - 701
SHBG Serum: 21.6 Ref. Range: 16.5 - 55.9

What do y’all think of my protocol? Any input and advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

You could start at 100 broken up into 2 or more shots or you could go for the 200 or any number in between. You wont know until you try it. Pick a number and stay with it for the 6 weeks to stabilize plus a couple more to see how you body adjusts after stabilizing.
Also no need to be nervous. There is a good chance you will not run into any real issues, not everyone has problems with TRT. I felt half retaded the first week while I was shutting down im guessing then things got better. The only complaint after that was my super sensitive nipples that kinda drove me crazy at work for like a month until i switched to EOD as well as increased my dose 40mg. 3 months in and I feel great. For the first time in my life I have been going to the gym 3-5 times a week after work and stay for 1-2 hours. I leave because i have responsibilities at home if i didnt i feel like i could just keep going and going.

No reason to go more than 2x per week at this point. Many do fine on 1 and many do fine 2x a week. I agree 200 to much. 100 imo better.

Starting at 100 you are less likely to get sides starting out

You don’t want to start out TRT in the wrong foot, based off your SHBG you should be doing injections EOD do to what will become even lower SHBG, probably in the low to mid teens and if you were having estrogen sides, daily would be best which I believe will show better results.

Your doctor for one reason or another is ignoring the half life of T cypionate and HCG, T-cyp has a half life of about 7 days and HCG 24-36 hours. If you were to inject HCG once weekly long before the weeks is over there will be none in your system. There’s a lot of so called TRT specialists out there, but in reality few doctors know what they are doing.

Your dosage for your 30mg EOD protocol is more than likely too high, you need to keep the weekly dosage closer to 100mg weekly. I would also forgo HCG as it will only cause you to have high estrogen side effects, countless times I hear of members saying dropping the HCG greatly improved the way they feel.

You do not need a high Total T do to low SHBG, my SHBG pre-TRT was closer to midrange and now on TRT is 16-22 and inject 24mg EOD and see Free T in the high normal ranges or higher with a Total T of 500. You Total T to Free T ratio suggests you SHBG isn’t very sticky, meaning it doesn’t bind androgens strongly which is why Free T is almost midrange while Total T is barely 400.

Why have a 90/10 blend of cyp and prop? Surely just cyp for a once weekly dosing schedule.

Thanks, Jimmy. I appreciate the reassurance.

I 'm also leaning toward EOD to keep estrogen in check. I had manboobs since age 12. I just had the surgery in January and don’t want to repeat that lol. Still healing but I’m happy with the result.

Good advice. Thanks, Charle!

That’s a good question. It’s what the doctor typically prescribes.
Is there any harm using the blend? My understanding is the T just breaks free from the esters after differing amounts of time.

I don’t think the prop blend will work to your advantage, it may convert more quickly to estrogen and may cause it to be higher after levels are stable at the 6 week mark.

You didn’t have the glands removed to avert another episode of gyno?

The glands were removed, but they can regrow. It’s rare, but it can happen.

You’ll be fine with that blend, very common. There is a good chance 150-160mg will put you where you need to be. Once a week dosing works well for the majority of guys on TRT. You can always increase the frequency if you find that necessary.

Regarding the hCG, do you know why you are taking it? Relative to your test injections, when does he have you taking the hCG?

I would add DHEA. Good luck.

How old are you bro? And do you have any more labs other than this? FSH, LH, chems and lipids? Thyroid?

Also, height…weight…BF%?

A free T of almost 15 is not too damn terrible to be honest, and I’m wondering…depending on your age, why you wanted to go on TRT in the first place?

You may have had better options, again depending on your age.

You learn something everyday, I didn’t know that.

Taking the hCG to avoid atrophy. No not sure yet when to take hCG in relation to T shot… I go tomorrow for the walk-through.

And thanks!

I’m 39. Yes I have more labs I’l have to look them up and post tomorrow.
Height 6’
Weight 220 lbs.
Not sure of BF %. I have a gut that I’m losing, eating better and going to the gym.

I check most of the boxes for low T:

-Treatment resistant depression
-low libido
-lack of motivation
-lack of confidence
-general unhappiness and crappy quality of life

I was on 4 different psych meds that messed me up good. Was having near constant suicidal thoughts. Not fun. I just finished 6 IV ketamine infusions, which definitely helped some, but not to the extent that I had hoped. My hope is that TRT will provide some relief were traditional and even newer treatments for mental health have not helped very much.

Does DHEA increase with TRT or is that a separate supplement?

Thanks bmbrady

You and me both, was on Klonopin (benzodiazepines) for 30 years for Tourette Syndrome and was perfectly fine until I tapered off the drug which caused poor sleep, a testosterone killer and nothing was ever the same afterwards, testosterone declined quickly from >500-600 ng/dL down to 120 ng/dL in a matter of months.

DHEA is available OTC, I would start lower in dosage (<25mg) and work your way up slowly, DHEA can increase estrogen.

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Your T is most definitely low. If you were 93 instead of 39 then maybe it would be in range.

lol sounds about right. Sometimes I feel 39, and minutes later I feel 93!

Yeah Total T is in the tank. His Free T is really not terrible though. Low SHGB. I’d be curious to see the other labs. My free T was ~15 at 3 months on TRT doing 50mg X 2 per week. I felt pretty damn good at that level compared to where I started, BUT, I had also done a complete 180 in regard to dedication to clean diet and exercise.

Again, I’m wondering if a lifestyle and diet change, along with a few otc supps could work wonders for the op? Maybe put off committing himself to doing injections for the rest of his life off for a few more more years?

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It very well may IF testosterone is the root of your issues. If not, then you may be in for a hard road brother. TRT is not going to be your magic bullet. You’re still going to have to commit to a total lifestyle / diet / exercise regimen to truly realize the complete health benefits with TRT

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