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TRT + Small Cycle Question

I am currently on 75mg of test weekly. In a month it increases to 100mg weekly more than likely. I recently started TRT and I am a month and a half into it. I am then thinking about going on a 20 week cycle of just cypionate alone. After 20 weeks do I slowly tamper back down to my 75-100mg dose or do I go off completely?

I think that it is a bad idea in general. Get your trt protocol down first with blood work before you worry about a cycle if ever.

I think it is a bad idea in general. You need to at least get your trt protocol in line first with all the appropriate blood work. This is assuming you are on trt?

He has 4 other threads if you want to know more.

Who has 4 threads?


They are similar but not exactly the same. The question I had in this thread was not asked by myself anywhere else. It was about tampering down after my 20 week cycle of test. I wanted to know if i go back to my TRT dosage of 100mg or do I go off completely?

Without the context of your details in your other posts, we cannot make any intelligent comments that are based on your medical history. Go off completely requires a lot of medical context.