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TRT Shots Every 2 Wks, High Estrogen. Would Like to Use Arimidex Again

My doctor has me on injections TRT shots 200 mg every two weeks. I use to go to Crisler. My new doctor won’t prescribe arimidex. I use to take 1/4 tablet once a week. I wish I could still use the arimidex. Anyone try an online pharmacy for it without a prescription? I can tell my estrogen is high and my doctor won’t test me for it.
I have had low T for years. Lately having problems with errections and it has been like this for six months

Have you always been taking 200mg every two weeks? This may be the problem.

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Use to use androgel and things were ok then. My insurance didn’t cover the gel and they made me switch. I would use the arimidex on and off as needed with the gel too

At 200mg every 2 weeks you will experience spikes in Estrogen, but we need to re-educate you on how TRT works for many when it comes to shots. Believe it or not, 100mg a week is not enough to warrant an AI, but 200mg might.
100mg a week is a low amount for many of us but high enough for some. Injecting smaller doses every other day or day stops the body from aromatizing too much at once. So perhaps you can get your doc to give you 100mg or more a week instead of a large dose at once. 100mg a week is either too much or too little for you to function properly. A bloodtest is the only way to know. How old are you?

I am 50. I have the vile so can inject smaller doses each time. I thought of at least breaking it up and doing half each week.

I got same problem as you when i used 200mg e14d. Now i have split it up to e5d. Have tried every protocol out There. Ed injections 2 times a week Eod and so on. And for me there is No need to go more frecqvent then e5d. I think even e7d would work for me and i dont use any ai at al. But on 200mg e14d i did need ai or i couldent get erections and lebido was low. If i were you i would just split it up to every 7 days or every 5 days and try that without ai.


^^^ what he said!

Will try that. Yes having problems with erections so next week when it is shot time I will try half each week and see if that helps. Thanks.

Is it possible to switch to a doctor specializing in TRT?

I have good insurance. Just don’t know where to get a good Doctor. I’m in Michigan. Do I start with a urologist or endo? I can do virtual visits too. Anyone have any recommendations for a new doctor?

At the very least, split the 100mg per week dose into 2 injections per week,
And don’t worry about the AI. Give it at least 8 weeks without changing your protocol, and most likely your body will adapt, and you won’t need an AI.

You may or may not need to up your dose after 8 weeks, if you’re not feeling better by then.

I think Evolve Clinic is in Michigan. Could be wrong, but maybe hit them up?