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TRT Shot Question

My Dr told me when administrating a shot to myself that she wants me to do the shot into the fat of the buttocks. My question is- will giving the shot on the side of the buttocks by the fat on the hip be just as good?
She said I could do the thigh but there not much fat on me there and going into the
Muscle could be a lot more painful.

Any suggestions please.

Intramuscular injections are the gold standard for TRT. Use a 1" needle to inject into the upper outer quadrant of your glute. Injecting into muscle tissue isn’t painful at all as long as you’re using a reasonable gauge needle. I use 25g, no issues.

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It sounds like the Dr is recommending subcutaneous injections. What needle has she recommended for you? Most people do injections in a place they can reach such as the abdomen or love handles and back of the arm if you have fat there. I could never to an injection into my own buttocks because my lats and triceps don’t allow me that much flexibility.

She gave me 21 ga

Then it’s supposed to be an IM injection. Google search ventrogluteal landmarking if you plan on following her recommendation.

You can inject with #29 0.5ml 1/2" insulin needles and these can be had without Rx in most jurisdictions.

“Gold standard” is just the old method. Injected T is 100% absorbed SC or IM. SC has smoother delivery = steadier levels.

You can inject into fat over your upper leg where you are relaxed, seated and can see what you are doing. There is no need for a lifetime of muscle damage.

Please read the protocol for injections sticky. The advice for new guys sticky has many technical definitions that you will need to know and other good stuff.

When you inject, the smaller the needle is the more comfortable it will be. The needle going into muscle actually has very little sensation. Your skin has many more nerves and that is what you will feel either way. If you hit a vein, that has a definite hurt and the sensation is spread out, you really don’t notice that the pain is local to the injection site. When you inject, try to visualize veins and avoid.

Some find that SC injections work better in belly fat VS top of the leg, others the opposite, so you need to find what you prefer.

That’s like dispensing toothpaste with a caulking gun.

I did the thigh. Painless. Thanks