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TRT Shot Gone Wrong? Swollen Site, Should I Be Worried?

Hey guys Ive been on TRT for 3 months 35 y/o. Ive gotten sore shots before but this is different. I always get my shots in the office. I have a red swollen area. My shots are 250 mg once a week in my glute. Has anyone else experianced this?

Then call your doctor and tell them about the issue.

Also, I removed the giant picture of your hairy ass. It’s not necessary for the thread, but thanks for starting my day off with that.


I LOL’d at you opening this to a picture of some dudes ass.

Internet being what it is, I’ve seen worse things on here. This job should come with hazard pay.

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I thought this was a site for people to give advice on experiance. I saw other posts with similar pictures. I didnt know a bunch of bros moderated… but not suprised. Just delete the thread I will go see my dr.

It is and you can certainly get some general input about post-injection pain or injection site problems.

My comment was a simple reminder that, if you’ve been getting multiple treatments in a doctor’s office and then something unusual happens after one treatment, common sense would be to contact the doctor, not the Internet.

I haven’t.

Maybe recheck your current bloods too. Your E2 may be elevated.


You might consider asking you doctor why he is treating you like an invalid, you’re a grown man and more than capable of self injecting at home using 27-29G insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads which would eliminate all your issues.

Spend a little time on these forums and you’ll learn how NOT to do TRT.

I’ve had this happen when I was injecting into my thigh. It eventually went away but I don’t know why it happened. The best way I have found to inject is into my Glute with a 1" needle. When I was injecting that deep I never had any soreness. But my doc supplies my needles and this time around he supplied me with 1/2" needles and sometimes I get soreness at the site.

he doesn’t have to ask, the answer is obvious. Doc wants more money.

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Paid more and got a lump on his ass, what a deal.