TRT Seems Less Effective After a Month

Been on TRT for about 6-7 weeks now. When I first started there was a noticeable difference. Mood, morning wood, libido and energy levels. Now after a month and a half things seem to be going backwards. ED issues, libido dropped off, back to feeling tired throughout the day. Have not gotten new labs yet so no new results to post.

Injections - when I first started it was .5cc once a week for two weeks but felt crappy after a few days, so doc agreed to .25cc twice a week in quads. I have been doing twice a week now for a month. I am only on cyp, no HCG or anything else I have seen added to TRT. I do take thyroid meds, metformin for type 2, and uloric for gout.

I think I need to get in and get my labs done to see what the heck is going on. has anyone had this issue to go backwards after starting?


I too felt pretty good up until 6 weeks. From the 6th week to about 8.5-9 weeks I felt worse. More tired, much more edgy, cystic acne breakouts, just over all kinda crappy. My estradiol was a little high. I started taking zinc, in my 6th week, hoping it would help with the acne, as well as what I guessed was an aromatase issue. Either the zinc has built up to a point that it’s working, or it just worked itself out. No more cystic acne breakouts, and I feel much better overall. For the most part, the mood swings are gone.

Instead of giving your dose in cc’s, it’s easier to understand in mg’s.
For example: I was injecting 200mg cypionate(100mg every 3.5 days).

As of last Saturday, I’m down to 150 mg/ week. Hopefully that will be enough test. to keep my t level good, while also lowering my aromatase to estrogen without an AI pill.

I know it’s frustrating, but get your test results and go from there.

I will look into the zinc. no acne breakouts. I will ask doc to add estradiol to the list. I see an endocrinologist.

I am using 200mg/ml Cypionate and script is for 0.5ml (.5cc) once a week which the doc had me split half so .25ml (.25cc) twice a week.

Past labs July 2013 before treatment started

Component Your Value Standard Range Units
Free T4, EIA 1.09 0.80 - 1.70 ng/dL
Testosterone Level 2.72 2.80 - 8.00 ng/mL
Cortisol Level 0.7 ug/dL
TSH 3.820 0.700 - 3.800 uIU/mL
FSH 2.5 1.5 - 12.4 mIU/mL

Yep - I had great start then ED happened - checked my E2 levels and it was 62 ( above normal range ) . Could not get rx for ARIMIDEX so I ordered a research chemical on net - that was 2 weeks ago - labs soon - ups and downs as far as ED ( no pun )

This is very common and one that your labs will help identify. After your body recognizes that it’s receiving exogenous testosterone it can shut down your own production which will cause a significant decrease in your T levels. It could also be the dreaded T to E conversion and your symptoms are a result of high E2.