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TRT Script + Baseline Labs Does this Sound Right?

Pre-Trt Labs

Free T 73.2 pg/ml Range: 46-224

Total T 486 ng/dl Range: 250-1100

Ambumin, serum 4.4 g/dl Range: 3.6-5.1

Bio Available T 147.3 ng/dl Range: 110-575

SHBG 29 nmo/L Range: 10-50

PSA .57 ng/ml Range: 0.0-4.0

DHEA-Sulfate 144.4 ug/dL Range: 138.5-475.2

TSH 0.987 uIU/mL Range: 0.450-4.500

LH 11.0 H mIU/mL Range: 1.7-8.6

Doc prescribed me 150mg Test Cyp per week + 750 iu HCG per week

The instructions are to do 50mg and 250iu HCG Monday Wednesday Friday

That all sounds great and I’m looking forward to it but the AI is what I am wondering about.

They prescribed .125 anastrozole on each of those days.

Totaling .375 mg anastrozole per week.

From what I have seen from the TRT Protocol Stickie and general knowledge you should be going for about 1mg per week.

I greatly fear High E symptoms.

I already have manboobs and can NOT put on any more. Sheesh.

Thoughts? Advice? Considering just doing .25 with each injection so I’m at least at .75mg per week.

Get very familiar with low estrogen symptoms. The biggest ones I notice are Fatigue, eye dryness/headache, dry lips. You don’t want to crush your e2.

Some guys can do OK without an AI. You are on a higher dose, plus your taking HCG, which will cause your testes to produce estrogen as well.

Also be advised, some people are over responders.

Why don you stick with the plan the doc has for you, and then check e2 after 4 weeks?

I️ already have been dosing prior to getting this prescription and started with an AI. I️KNOW I️ got too high because I️ was emotional and Gyno was feeling softer and bigger.

I️ took .5 adex and got tested. This post was made while waiting for test results.

Came back at a 6! My baseline was 17.

I️ wear contacts and YES dry eye is for sure a low E symptom of mine. Now I’m able to put the two together.

I️ will follow yours and doctors advice. Wait for hcg to kick testes back in and low dose the AI with the 150mg per week and Test e2 after 1 month

Whoa, hold on, your E2 was 6 when it was tested and 17 before that?

Im just a little surprised. If your e2 is 17, you have no business taking an AI!!! if so, back off dose

It was 17.4 on the E2 sensitive test with the range being 8-35 pg/ml

Tested two days after the .5mg of adex and Results just came back it was down to 6.

The legit meds will be coming in Thursday so this whole week I️ will do just the testosterone and no adex

Then Monday I’ll start my hcg and testosterone + the .125 adex on MWF then test after a month.

I️ didn’t realize my E would come back so low so I️ continued the AI I️ took another .75 Over the course of a week.

Do you recommend staying off for two weeks to let estrogen bounce back a bit?

  1. Do you know what your estrogen was without any AI?

2.How do you feel? You are getting dangerously close to completely tanking your e2, and trust me, it is terrible.

I do NOT feel good. Very low energy. 17.4 was before any test or adex.

Hoping that getting off the adex for a bit will increase levels. From what I understand e levels start to bounce back once the adex is out of your system my last .25mg was on saturday so I’m hoping that if I wait a bit I will be good.

I haven’t been waking up with morning wood and a lot of guys say when your e goes low, this is a good indicator, they say go off of adex until you have a couple days in a row of morning wood and you’re back in range.