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TRT, SARMs Questions and Canada


Despite starting a TRT in a few days I have other questions regarding supplements like Sarms that I have been reading about these past few months. After seeing a lot of forums, I still have a few questions so I hope that some of you could help me out.

  1. I live in Canada and it seems that most of the information regarding Sarms are from the USA. Would you know if there are also good companies in Canada?

  2. Is Nutrobal despite being a HGHs, different from Ostarine while on TRT?

  3. Why would Nutrobal be more expensive than Ostarine?

  4. Why would Ostarine be cheaper on a website than on others, if they are all liquids?

I would really appreciate if you could answer my questions. I like this website very much and I hope that Supplements is the right category.

Thank you very much,