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TRT Round #3, Day One

Here we go again. This time I’m being treated by Crisler because I’m tired of getting jerked around. So he talked me into a 5% T cream and started me at 75mg a day (1.5 ML of cream). I’m also injecting 400IU of HCG every three days. He claims this new T cream he’s prescribing is the best. The man does this for a living so I’ll take his word for it. I’ve already tried everything except pellets and for me Androgel worked the best but of course it shut my down and back then myself and my family Dr were clueless.

I would have preferred that route with HCG but Crisler talked me into the cream. So it comes in a large plastic syringe, you squirt it directly onto your forearms, and then rub them together. The stuff disappeared in 2 minutes and is dry. I wouldn’t have even tried the cream but I talked to another anti aging clinic that swears by this stuff. They claim if it won’t get you to 900 they’ll but it back and switch you to shots for free.

Just a note that I’ve already tried T cyp at 200mg a week and it really didn’t do much for me. Again this was my family Dr running it as a standalone. I have a feeling if it was dosed properly and split up into twice a week injections it might have worked for me. If the cream doesn’t do the trick I’m going to try Dr Shippen’s routine of inject 50mg of T cyp twice a week sub Q. I haven’t seen anyone post here that does that so I’ll be the ginnie pig.

Just to make it more fun I’m your classic over responder to Adex. Crisler isn’t sure I’m even going to need it. (My E2 at baseline is lower than my T in the given reference ranges.) It’s been my experience from before that one drop a day was to much. I blow right through the sweet spot. I’m not sure what to do there if I need it. Possibly run a less harsh med like Proviron.

Since adex has a half life of approx. 50 hours, one drop EOD may be the answer if you need it.
And it’s cheaper than Proviron…
Just my $0.02

OK Crisler was right. It’s 1 in the morning and I’m still feeling my first application of the T cream he recommended. I can say without a doubt this stuff absorbs well. I’ve tried Androgel and some terrible gel from college pharmacy and this is the strongest response that I’ve had to anything period. Including T cyp shots. We’ll see what a couple weeks brings. So far I’m impressed.

Is there a brand name, strength, ect, of this new cream your using?

It’s from University Compounding Pharmacy. That’s about all I know about it.

What is the cost for the compounded gel ???

My insurance covers AG, and is only $20.00 per month.

I am going to see my local doc here and ask for 100mg of Test Cyp injected EOD. (30mg EOD)

$60 for 45 days worth. It’s quite a bit better than AG from my experience so far. Also much better to use. Easy to apply and dries in no time.

Is this your first time with the HCG ???

That could be the reason why the new cream is feeling better ??

No this is my first go with HCG. I actually cheated a little last week and injected 1000iu every three days. I had good results and I might be a candidate for mono therapy. My only complaint about the cream so far is it absorbs a little to fast. Might be better to split the dose twice a day but I’m staying the course for now.

How do you like working with Dr Crisler ???

Was he open to giving you the shots if that was your preference ??

I called that pharmacy, the pharmacists did not tout the T cream you talked about other then saying he could make it in any strenth needed

Here is what I do not understand about Crisler,
Most local doctors are so busy it takes forever to get in to see them, then they give you about 15 minutes of time
How does Crisler, one of the best in his field, he advertises around the country, have time to keep taking on new clients? Especially at the affordable rates he charges?

I guess by being out in the middle of bum-FCK egypt. (Norhtern Michigan)

He seem to have a decent reputation. I’d like to hear some first hand reports before I make the trip.

Update: That cream he prescribes really kicks. So far my experience is if I apply it at 8am it kicks in around noon like crazy! Almost to good (makes my heart race for a couple hours) so it might be good to split the doses. I think for me a little less cream and a little more HCG would be the ticket but I’ll stick with his plan for now. Hasn’t really done much for my mood or libido but it sure has improved function. Morning wood for the first time in 10 years. I’m pretty impressed since I’ve already tried the androgel and shots. Neither gave me that response.

Crisler is really busy and it can be a challenge to use him. He doesn’t spend much time with you on the phone or looking at your labs. I think it’s just because he’s done this so long he can tell by a few quick questions and a glance at your labs what you need. Bottom line if this is your problem he’ll fix you.

how bout another update on the cream, how are you doing?

I switched to shots and tweaked the protocol. See my new post TRT success. I finally have it close to dialed in.

By the way the cream does work but I didn’t like the greasy film it left. It did give me out of range high T (1272), free T (277), and unfortunately E2 (56). With E2 under control it’s a good option. I only switched back to shots for convenience.