TRT Results

First post on the Forum. 44 yo

I’ve been on TRT since Nov 2013…
My results have been great and I feel well.
I had labs drawn initially and after 6 weeks. My T levels have increased with each draw. My estradiol level was 40 on the second draw so I followed some of the suggested protocols here and I’m happy with my therapy
Test 75 mg tue sat
HCG 200 units mon wed fri
Anastrozole .25 QOD

My recent labs are these
Test 1345 ng/dl
Free test 267.2 pg/ml
Bio avail test 596.0 ng/dl
SHBG 27 nmol/l
Alb 4.9 g/dl

I feel great. My concern is if I decrease my dose to 100 mg week dived into two 50mg injections I may throw off the balance I have right now. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

you should post ranges for your lab values.

Ranges ( Quest Diagnostics)

250-1100 ng/dl
FT 46-224 pg/ml
Bio avail T 110 - 575ng/dl
Male sensitive estradiol <39 pg/ml
SHBG 10-50 nmol/L
Alb 3.6-5.1 g/dl

I was above range with both TT, FT, on 200 mg/week. 1323 T (292-867) and 37.6 FT (4.8-25.0)

I voluntarily lowered my dosage to 150 mg/week and now I’m within range, right at the top and feel great (845,23 IIRC). Since you are ‘high’ by a smaller margin than I was, I’d likely not drop a full 50 mg/week. Why not start with 25mg/week decrease and see where that lands you?

You didn’t post your E2 numbers; I assume they are lower than 40 now?

Oops… estradiol level was 23…

Thanks for the advice that was my concern if I dropped a full 50 mg a week. I will try 125mg bi weekly…