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TRT Results and Advice

What’s up everyone. So I’m new here and frankly this is the first forum I’ve ever joined as well. So I would like to apologize in advance if I’m a little slow with how things are run.

A little background, I’m 31 years old and have been training consistently for about 3 years now. I also work a physically demanding job. About 3 years ago I weighed 310lbs and I decided I was done being fat and feeling like $&@! I changed my diet and started lifting and doing cardio. Over the coarse of about a year to a year and half I got myself down to 230lbs. That weight took my job, lifting 60+ minutes and cardio for 30 minutes 5-6 days a week as well as watching everything I ate. That’s when I got stuck. So I decided to try and bulk because I had been in deficit for so long. While still eating super clean my weight shot up to 270lbs but my lift numbers still remained embarrassing for my weight. I tried to cut back down but got stuck again at 255-260 and have been there for the past year or so. During this time I’ve had 2 kids so gym time can be difficult, but I still trying to get into the gym at least 3 days a week.

Fast forward to a few months ago the wife and I decided we didn’t want anymore offspring so I got snipped. That’s when the real problems started. A few weeks after the procedure my sex drive was completely gone. I was constantly exhausted and could barely make it through my normal 10 hr shift. My lift numbers were falling like crazy, deadlift went from 385x3 to 330x1 (low numbers, I know) I went an endocrinologist and got my bloodwork done. My test came back at 370. So the doctor has started me on 100mg per week of Cypionate, 100mg of DHEA per day as well as vitamin D. I’m 2 weeks in and the exhaustion is fading and I have the slightest hint of a sex drive.

Sorry for the painfully long intro. Now to the meat. Is there anyone on here that can share their results for TRT? I can find some threads from guys who were always smaller and hard gainers but I haven’t been able to find any fat guys or former fat guys that have shared their experience. For reference I’m 6’ tall and currently weigh 255-260 lbs with about 30-33% body fat. I’m just trying to get some insight as to what changes I might be able to expect in the coming 6-12 months. I know TRT is not the magic pill and I still have to train hard and eat correctly. I guess I’m just trying to find some hope as I have been training hard and eating right for years with very little real progress. Thanks in advance and I’m sorry if it takes a bit for me to respond to questions or comments. Thanks all.

Ex-competitive weightlifter, started TRT at age 59. Can’t say I was fat, but certainly not looking like I did back in the day. About six months in, seemingly overnight, lost five inches off my waist, 15-20 lbs of fat, gained 10-15 lbs of muscle. At 6’ 228-230 lbs, people think I am skinny.

Marathon, not a sprint. Hang in there. Good luck.

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lol im 6’3 155 rip

That’s skinny………

In fairness, they saw a much smaller belly and the larger one was their reference point.

Interesting. Did you change anything that you were eating? Any advice as to anything I should look out for?

Damn…I haven’t been 155 since grade school

No, I was already eating well. Lifting too. Only thing that changed was my testosterone levels.

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Thanks for the info. I know this isn’t an overnight thing. I’m just curious. The dr thinks I’ve had issues for a long time and the the vasectomy brought everything to the surface. I’ve never been lean or in shape so I have my hopes that this is my ticket to my hard work paying off.

always wondered if my weight relates to low t of 200 and low lh and fsh. but then i see a lot of 6’ weighting 140 ish with good t

There’s a couple of things you should know, being overweight can cause estrogen to get out of control because the more visceral fat you have, the more testosterone you going to convert into estrogen do to the aromatase process. The fact that you’re overweight suggest SHBG is low, if that’s the case once weekly injections may not be optimal.

The smaller more frequent the dosage, the lower estrogen will be in most cases and more steady your levels. Once you’ve been dosing consistently for the first six weeks, you may feel a crash a few days after each injection, this would indicate you are metabolizing and or excreting testosterone at a faster pace and you need to increase injection frequencies.

Yeah that’s what I’ve gathered. That’s also why my dosage is pretty low right now. I have another round of blood work in 2 weeks. My endo specializes in hormone replacement and I have some friends that see the same one with really good results

Tough to say dude. Are you getting TRT?

probably. not know yet. i always tell myself “what if i gain weight” but i discovered low t when i was 174 tho. still kinda skinny. my lh and fsh were both low tho 1.9 lh and 2. something fsh with 78 shbg

You will recover faster and won’t need some Many days of recovery. It’s wild. I would go to the gym and need 3 or 4 days the first couple of weeks because I’d be so soar. Due to this you’ll regain your lost strength faster.

@NH_Watts I think you posted a info graphic that showed the timeline for how long specific benefits happen when one starts TRT. I’m sure you’ll run across it the more you read posts around here. I’ll be sure to repost if I see it. I see it on websites all the time when I search your type of question.

Actually 100mg isn’t consider a low dosage, I’m on 84mg weekly (split up EOD) and see Free T in the optimal range (20-25 pg/mL).

You’re supposed to do labs after your levels become stable which is 6 weeks, doing labs before levels are stable makes no sense because it doesn’t represent true levels as they are fluctuating wildly for the first 6 weeks.

My private specialists doesn’t believe once weekly is optimal, too many patients complain of feeling low or off by weeks end. I prefer a higher trough (your lowest point) v.s allowing my levels to decline over many days.

My levels are virtually static injecting every 2 days, there’s little time for my levels to decline.

I know, but it’s a good starting point. See how you respond. I suspect you’ll end up increasing it, but maybe not. Probably 90% of those using TRT are taking 150mg weekly or more. I’d say 75% are taking 180mg or more.

If you went into a gym and talked to 100 guys on TRT, I doubt you would find anyone taking less than 150mg. Of those using underground sourcing, probably over half of them using 250-300mg, which is why they resort to black market suppliers. Tough to get a doctor to go along with the dose they want to use.

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may i ask. if we dont recover fast because of “low testosterone” why do i see people in the 900-1200 club with low t?

Makes sense to me. My doc is pretty open and is very much a “let’s try this and adjust from there.” We’ll see what happens in the coming months. My doc said that given all of my labs and everything she feels that I will probably need closer to the 200 mg per week range. If I feel that the highs and lows are too much then I’m sure I could talk to her about more frequent, smaller doses. The other advantage that I have is that my wife is a BSN and currently pursuing her practioners license, which helps with convincing other doctors to try thing lol. I seriously appreciate all of the info.

And that’s kind of what I have gathered too. My doc said I would probably end up closer to the 200 range but didn’t want to over shoot it right out of the gate. Thanks for the input I really appreciate it.

That would be awesome. If you can find it post it or let me know where to find it. Thanks in advance.