TRT Restart Protocol

So I have a been poster here for about a year after starting my TRT treatment about 8 months ago but here is just a laid out introduction about me

Age: 20
Have been lifting since 16
I have done ONE prohormone cycle when I was 17 epistane and I did PCT after That with clomid and the cycleonly lasted 2 weeks because was scared of the outcome bad mistake
So I have been on TRT for 6 months this entailed 100mg (50mg twice per week) with 0.5mg Adex once a week. I began mainly because my sexual functions were not great losing erection with girlfriend, lifted for a awhile with great strength process but my body was not to show for it I am also Asian so have some genetics playing in there also. Towards the end of the five months I began to have some bad panic attacks for no apparent reason so I decided I wanted to come off of them. Knowing my previous blood work my LH and FSH levels were good free T good it was just total T that was off and the reason why my uro had put me on in the first place.

My restart consisted of 25mg Clod EOD for 60 days. Read scallys restart and a bunch of other restarts so I decided with this one to start with. So today I am at 80 days, meaning I finished my 60 days and 20 days I decided to get tested. I had some incrediably weird blood results I wanted to get some insight on

So here it was

Total test: 300
E2: 6.7 (this was also non sensitive)
LH: 4.0
FSH: 2.3

So yea e2 totally crashed for some reason and LH FSH I guess recovered but still on the low end along with test so just seeing what I should do or if I should jump back onto TRT again. Will add additional info if needed!

Thank you guys

Do you have your initial labs pre TRT? At your age you would want to have a diagnoses of the cause of your low T.

All of my labs currently

i decided to go two weeks taking 25mg clomid EOD again just to get my E2 up, i feel pretty good will restest after the holidays. But anyone (KSman or anyone else) could identify what i should do with those numbers presented above? thank you