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TRT Restart Protocol

So I came here to believe I was wrongfully put on TRT via my urologist. I’m about 6 months in and I have had not so stellar results, I was good for the first couple months but for about the past week I have been having terrible anxiety and panick attacks that I have never had before. Libido and ED are also gone. A little about me

Age: 21
Height: 5’10
Weight: 180
Body fat: ~12
TRT dosage 50mg twice a week and adex when needed no HCG

So as I said I was put on TRT about 6 months ago will I have some test results that I was put up. I just want to get off because I don’t want to be on this for a life long time and am afraid of any mental health issues and other problems that could occur while being on TRT. My doc did put me on a clomid therapy prior that followed clomid at 100mg ED for 4 weeks, after my test was at 920 and dropped to about 400~ I think this was after reading a suppression of the hpta from e2. He only tested test, and we did this twice in a 9 month with the same results.

So timeline of the labs

The 458 number was from 04/2015 (note I started TRT in March) this was also tested at 12 but I am a late to bed late riser
655 number was from 04/2014
The 330 number was from 03/2015 and was tested by quest at my university along with the free test

I just think I wasn’t suppose to start TRT because from reading my LH and FSH numbers look good, atlesst from reading. Possibly primary hypo because total test is lowish for my age. Just do not want to suppress or damage my hpta as it seems it could be damaged further from the clomid protocol my doc put me on twice and now 6 months into TRT. Also I am only on TRT no hcg so my testicles are gone, Arimidex when needed but on TRT my e2 stays in the 20s. I want to start a restart program because I would rather not stay on TRT for lifelong if theirs a chance of restarting. I began this journey as I was anorexic at the age of 13-14 but recovered quickly at the end of 14 dropped to about 90lbs was not the highlight of my life. All help will be great thank you guys for the informational forum

Alkaline phosphate and lymphs probably elevated because I was diagnosed with mono when I first got to school in 2014, and also note estradiol is not sensitive so numbers should be lower