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TRT Response Question

I have been on TRT consistantly for 2 months now, but am not seeing much in the way of libido increase or more energy.

I am on just 100mg per week with nothing else added. any thoughts?

Have your doctor test your levels again. You may need a higher dose. My dad is on TRT at 150 a week. I think he said he was at 1100 last time his doctor checked him. Might I also add that my dad is nearly 60 years old and is stronger in many ways than I am at 25.

Your doctor is negligent in caring for you if not checking your E2 levels. Let me guess; you inject all 100 at once?
There could actually be more going on than just E2; SHBG and other factors as well. It just seems so often the first thing to happen is a rise in E2, and some guys either feel no change or feel worse.

Get your T levels re-checked too to see where you are as that is a good idea, just force the point for the E2 test. It’s for your own good, not your doctor’s whethere he/she agrees at first or not.


thanks KNB. Yes I am doing the 1/2 ml 100mg all at once.

In case you mis http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_senior/estradiol_why_you_should_caresed it here is a good overview and good luck to ya

[quote]CrazyCrew wrote:
In case you missed it there is a good overview at the top of this forum about estrogen. good luck to ya

HCG works wonder for some … it did for me.
250IU EOD is standard protocol around here.

E2 needs to be looked at for sure as well.

As said before, SPLI injections to twice a week. ( I do every 3rd day)

Good luck !

Yeah but split 100mg? that is only .25 ml I can’t see how my system can register that little at a time.

I would think 100mg per shot would be the minimum

There is no minimum. Some guys here inject .18 EOD.

Try 25ML E3D.

Less is better when it comes to muscle soreness after injection.

Do you inject IM ???

If you are doing SQ, than that may be too little of a dose.

Actually per the research available online evaluating SC T cyp injections they found you need less. The release is slower so you don’t have a massive spike and a drop off.

Each person is different, I tried the 2 times a week and feel better injecting once a week. So try different things and see how your body responds to it. As the others stated you need to get rechecked and getE2 checked for sure

Toshiero I’m in the same boat. I get the “euphoria” feeling from starting treatment and then I’m back to usual within a week. My Dr has a proposed fix for this to stimulate dopamine. Once he sends me the protocol and the drug used for this I’ll post my results.