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TRT Questions

03/12 - After some concerns with lethargy, low libido, and harder gains than normal in the gym, I requested lab work via my Dr to have a hormone panel done. I read the TRT Protocol among several other Forums on T-Nation and other sites.

04/10 - Results below:

Test: 281 ng/dl (ref: 350-890)
FT: 6.65 ng/dl (ref: 4.7-24.4)
%Free Test: 2.4 (ref: 1.6-2.9)
SHGB: 22.6 mol/l (ref: 13-71)
TSH: 1.05 uIU/ml (ref: 0.3-5.0)
E2: 30.5 pg/ml (ref: 0-56)
DHEA-Sulfate: 227 ug/dL (ref: 95-530)

4/17 - Printed out protocols for for Test (E3D), Arimidex and HCG. He was not too aware of the HCG (which I explained the “whys”) and was more knowledgable with the purpose of using Arimidex with Test. He was willing got go with shots but opted for the protocol below for the initial intro to TRT:

C-Testosteron (cream): 100 mg/gr per day
Arimidex: 1/2 mg 2/week
And…He also sent me home with some Trans-D Tropin (listed at $175) - that in itself made me if he knew why he was talking about - claiming it was as effective as HGH. Doc seemed to think the protocol would get my to the mid 500-600’s.

A few questions:

  1. Based on my lab results (and concerns with my TRT protocol and Docs knowledge) do you see any issues with the recommended C-Test and Arimidex? It seems to fit somewhat within the range of other TRT protocols where creams and AIs were used in combination.
  2. I’m interested in determining why my test was low and I assume once I start the TRT that can not be determined unless I stopped the protocol. Thoughts? Tricks? Suggestions?
  3. Testicular atrophy is a concern - are the other options (that work) besides the HCG?
  4. Is the affect noticeable once the protocol is started or does it take time? I saw varying opinions.

Thanks for you help in advance!

FYI - Experience lifter, gym 2x-3x/week, physically active with my kids, 40 years old, poor sleeper for 25 years, no prescriptions since being off lexapro for the past year (was on it for 5 years), eats well 70% of time, some alcohol use (wine or beer 3-5/week), No experience with AAS, 3 months of pro hormones (Pro-Magnon, Methyl Masterdrol) several years ago.

There are other blood tests that you cna get done to determine why your T is low…LH, FSH, etc.

But at your age, its up to you whether you want to go that route or not.

If you dont want cream, then insist on the shots. explain your concerns with the cream (there are many).

Not everyone needs HCG. I have personally done fine without it and no cosmetic issues to speak of.