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TRT Questions, Been on TRT for 2 Years


Hey all, long time lurker. I’m 40, 6’5, 258, 38-40" waist. I’ve lifted weights since I was 22, took a long time to go from 195 to 235. Never cycled. About 5 years ago I noticed a huge drop off in libido, energy and strength. I ignored it thinking it was a natural drop off until about 3 years ago, wgen I started getting emotional frequently and nust overall geeling luke garbage all the time. I got my T level checked and it was on the low 300’s. I tried to convince several docs in that first year, but they would liok at my physical size and say I was ok. Finally at the end of the year I got a doc to retest and I was down to 228 T, and he agreed to start TRT. Now I’m at 512, but still having issues with ED and energy, etc, and my testes are about 30% of their original size. I’m switching to a clinic that specializes in TRT, and wondering what to shoot for for optimal levels. The clinic already had me take a bunch of blood tests, far more than my regular doc did, so that has my hopes up. Any advice would be welcome. I’m assuming they will start me on HCG as well as test. I will post numbers from results when I get them, hopefully today.


Well, if you are shooting T, your testicles will shrink. I believe HCG can help with that.

Alternately, SERMs can, in some cases get your pituitary to tell your testicles to produce T. Your labs from before you started TRT could be helpful in identifying if you are primary or secondary hypogonadism. Seems that many doctors, if they are familiar with TRT at all, go straight for T injections, which isn’t always the best course of action.

You should be testing your E2 levels too. T converts to E2, often after T levels are corrected, E2 goes high and causes other problems. An AI could be needed.

Good luck, read the stickies, welcome aboard.