TRT Question

I’m on 34MG T-Cyp EOD, and HCG 400IU EOD for about 3 years. My lab scores are also in line, and with a nudge form KS Man I get my E2 tested every other week, so if I fall out of range it isn’t for long.

My point being that E2 (estradiol) stays between 22-28. I can’t understand why when I’m with a partner my attitude is take it or leave it on sex. I want to be the guy I always was but it’s like there is a component missing, no lust. The same is true when I get off on my own it’s only a little better than maintenance. I do need Viagra for help with erections and it works very well, I’m naturally interested in getting off on my own daily but do practice some discipline.

I can tell you that I don’t take DHEA,or Pregnenolone on my TRT regiment and I’m not sure if that makes a difference. Also, my prolactin is about 11 which is in the center of the range.

My Doc suggested Cabergoline 0.5 weekly in very small doses but no real improvement except my prolactin increased to the point where we had to lower the dose to half, since there wasn’t any noticeable benefit I stopped it.

Last but not least is that I do like a have a few Vodka Tonics (2-3) after work. I thought that might put a damper on things so I backed off for a short time and didn’t notice any difference.

Well guys there is my TRT problem and I’ve wrestled with for the full 3 years on TRT. If anyone has any thoughts on the matter I would appreciate it.


Whats status with thyroid?

  • body temperatures
  • iodine salt use and/or vitamins listing iodine&selenium?
  • TSH
  • fT3
  • fT4
  • outer eyebrows sparse

AM cortisol?

Your issues can be non T, E related.

Cholesterol too low?
Glucose OK?

Caber increased prolactin? That is very unexpected.
How old are you?

Hey KS Man thanks for the interest, I appreciate the feed back.

Saliva Cortisol 12/14 Results

7:00AM 0.401 Range: .025-0.600
1:00PM 0.116 Range: .010-0.330
5:00PM .022 Range: .010-0.200
Bedtime .030 Range: .010-0.090

Thyroid 12/14

TSH 1.04
T-3 3.3 Free
T-4 1.2 Free

Thyroid 3/15 (added iodine from last set of labs)
TSH 2.9 .47-4.68
T-4 Free 0.9 .8-2.2
T-3 Free 2.9 1.7-3.7

Selenium 200mg daily
Prolactin DECREASED (error sorry)

I have suspected adrenal fatigue for a few years now. Body temp has typically been low based on Basel temp, around 94 but has improved to about 96.6.

Feet use to be very cold but now good.

Age 59.5

Cholesterol haven’t had it checked recently

I use to take a sea salt warm drink in the morning, and a Nascent Iodine about 40 drops daily, but I’ve gotten away from it.

Vitamins Multi, probiotic, zinc100mg, Copper12mg,Magnesium400mg,
Omega-3 5000mg, Vitamin C 4000mg,Selenium 200mg,Vitamin B-12 1500mg Vitamin Complex 1500

Thanks for taken a look KS Man I look forward to your input!

You could have some degree of depression. You could do a trial of Wellbutrin. If its helpful, there is your answer; otherwise, your brain does not get rewired going onto and getting off of like other AD meds. Three drinks might not be helpful every day.

Cabergoline would increase dopamine and might have helped if your dopamine was low. Selegiline can reduce dopamine destruction rates.

What other issues are you dealing with? What other sources of pleasure and satisfaction are reduced or other activities now neglected or avoided? Do you seek out social interaction or avoid? When you walk, are your heels dragging sometimes?