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TRT Question


Has anyone ever experienced this? It's only happened to me once and I'm curious why? The first time I started TRT was almost a year ago with just 50mg of Androgel. Day 2 or 3, can't remember, I had an enormous response that didn't seem normal.

It seemed to be a massive antidepressant response. Depression lifted completely, sexual function returned, and my heart even beat different. It was like my nervous system went into overdrive. My heart beat really sharp and it was strange.

After having tried multiple types TRT this hasn't happened since. I'm wondering if it had anything to do with area of application and the fact that I had some moderate body acne in those areas? Maybe the small patches of healing body acne supplied an easy route for the gel to enter my bloodstream?

I'm just wondering because this is day 2 of the new cream that Crisler recommended and I can tell my T is up there but it's a much different response. On Androgel the first thing I noticed was an antidepressant effect.

The first thing I normally notice when my T is elevated is that I have an overall "good" feeling after I eat. Crisler told me it's a dopamine response. Actually it feels like my T is a little over the top at the moment. I feel like I'm giving myself a 200mg shot of T cyp every day.

KSman any explanation you can think of?


We are sensitive to accelerating levels of T. When steady state, that particular effect is gne. You cannot get that with different application methods.

Yes,the nervous system wakes up in many ways.