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TRT question: Rhein 24 hour urine hormone profile

Has anyone ever tried this? I went to see Dr Crisler a couple of months ago and he wanted me to discontinue my treatment and use this for a baseline. I was doing a little reading up on it and it’s a way more accurate test than blood work.

Why don’t family doctors and endos use this test? You can imagine what I’m feeling like right now being off T for two months… Not good… Once he has an accurate baseline from this test I’ll be back on.

Counting the minutes. I would say if you’re feeling like crap with symptoms of low T and your blood work comes back somewhere in range take this test. It will give you a much more accurate picture of what’s going on. There are 27 parameters tested.

Hopefully Crisler can get me tuned up because life really sucks right now.