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TRT Provider Options in UK?

Hi, I’ve joined the forum to get some advice/opinions. I am on the cusp of moving to another TRT provider. My current provider was overcharging for meds and delivery and the customer service and support was not good. Do you have any recommendations on TRT providers in the UK? I’m about to go to The Mojo Clinic - they have just set up and the owner Sam has helped me out in the past. They are saying they will provide you with meds directly at cost price from the pharmacy (saving of about £10 per Sustanon phial for me!) but you join and pay a £29.99 per month membership for support and discounts etc…Do you think there’s a catch, it seems a bit good to be true? Calendesk
Alternatively, I’ve heard the Leger Clinic are pretty good. They seem really cheap, does anyone know what their service is like? TIA.

Balance My Hormones and Men’s Health Clinic deal in TRT.

This one

Yeah not the best reviews, have to take T daily, what’s that all about??

Hi, thanks for the reply, I was with Balance My Hormones - they are not good, meds very expensive (£13 for a 1ml phial of Sustanon!) and their customer service is terrible.
Men’s Health Clinic get a lot of bad reviews, you can only inject daily apparently, they don’t allow for a bigger dose, for example twice weekly which might be a the best approach for some. I just don’t get that!

That’s crazy!

Try Alastair at Optimale

I’m with CJA, but it’s about 3x this:

That’s a monthly fee with the only other costs being tests, no additional charge for the meds or consults.

Test-E/C or Sust are all options, he’s a subq guy, but open to whatever works best for you IM/subq, AI no AI - pretty flexible provider.

Let me know if you pull the trigger on the budget one, it’s been a while since I looked, would love to save £700+ a year! I’ve been on for coming on 5 years now and am incredibly straightforward, I’m half tempted by ugl since it’s not illegal and I can do my own bloods, would be saving probably near a grand a year, which would be pretty awesome.

I switched from BMH wasn’t a huge difference in price, a bit cheaper, but it was little things like bmh charging £15 for postage and then when being challenged on the postage label being £3 saying that it was the pharmacy so nothing they could do about it, yea right.