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TRT Protocol


I am have been on the following protocol for the past 2 years (I was off for 3 months about a year ago):
200mg Test Cyp every 6 days
400iu hCG every day!
1mg Anastrozole EOD

I'm currently cycling off the Testosterone for a couple of months as I feel like I'm carrying a lot of extra water weight or bloating. I drink plenty of water and all of my bloodwork was good according to the doc. I test every 3 months. My Estradial (E2?) levels are fine so that doesn't seem to be the reason for the access water retention. I want to start again in November.

My questions... Is my protocol ok? Should I see if the doc can have me inject Test Cyp 100mg twice a week to even out my levels or is my protocol ok? Is 400iu of hCG every day too high? Based on the threads I've read on here, it seems to be double what other people take. My wife and I are trying to conceive so that may be why the doc has that at a higher dose. Not sure.

Lastly, is it necessary to cycle off of the TRT protocol? If so, how often?



Too much T, infrequent T shots and way too much HCG; a recipe for E2 disaster. Your E2 might be in range but I am sure it is way over the optimal.

Your answer is in Protocol for Injections sticky.


And too much hCG. Most here are injecting 250iu every other day. In two days you are injecting 800iu.

“My Estradial (E2?) levels are fine”

Please list lab result with ranges.

Read the advice for new guys sticky.