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TRT Protocol & Water Weight

I am interested in looking lean yet mascular. I am currently on 220mg of Test Enantat; injecting on Mo, We, Fr via i.m. route. No AI. No HCG. Test levels are slightly supraphysiological, but I feel excellent on this dosage.

Last lab values: Testo 10.6 ug/l (3.0-10.0), SHBG 22.4 (18-54) nmol/l, E2 29.7 ng/l (27-52), Prolactin 9.16 ug/l (4-15).

I’m on TRT since one year. I do either weight training or running every day. In the first 6 months I went from 85kg to 95kg. I gained huge amount of muscles. However, I have the impression that I’m holding a lot of water. I tested s.c. injections, I reduced the dosage, I tried daily injections. In the end, the only thing that helped was including Berberin 1g per day plus 1g Dandelion per day. This has really improved my look; especially may face looks much leaner now. I am currently 92kg and have around 15% body fat.

To you have any other recommendations to get rid of the “water weight”?

It is my understanding that it is the testosterone itself that causes the water weight gain. It is great for its androgenic properties (muscle gain) but it comes at a price. It is why competitors usually drop Test all together at some point pre-comp and stick with other anabolic that dont contribute to water. In addition they add in other elements to strip out water to dangerous levels. Again, I am not a competitor so this is going on what Ive learned online and not first hand.

As far as I know the only two ways to drop water weight would be to drop your dose and/or lose more fat from your body.

Perhaps someone with more knowledge can chime in and correct me and/or give you more info.