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TRT Protocol Two Weeks In, What Should I Expect?

So I started TRT again after trying all the natural stuff for over a year. I’m 30 and don’t want to wait until I’m 40 to just enjoy life again. My labs this time were even lower.

My protocol now as RX is 80mg test cyp 2x/week IM and 250iu hcg 1x/week.

So far the only things I’ve noticed is the impending doom emptiness feeling in my chest has gone away almost within 24 hrs. Morning wood is large and in charge again. My overall mood is just better. I don’t know how to explain it but things just go my way. I work in financial planning and referrals are just coming in after meeting with people. People are asking me for meetings and everything seems so effortless. ( I still work hard like always)

I hit my 225x3 for a push press today which was my 1rm and 10 pounds over my previous 3 RM and I definitely had a little more in me. I’m excited to train again :call_me_hand:t2:.

I know it all takes time and it’s a process. I’m just glad the anxiety and depression are subsiding. I still feel fatigued throughout the day sometimes but such is life I guess. Like idk things just feel good. If I hit a plateau where I’m at, I would be very happy. What should I expect? I plan on sticking to the protocol for 12 weeks and then getting new labs.

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Dont expect a thing. Things should be as normal as just waking up and feeling good to go. But its not cocaine. Take it easy and dont assume the changes are immediate and permanent. You will always be changing. I had similar feelings like the ones youre having, and still do when I take the time to relax. Let it run in the background

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Great plan

“Only” things you’ve noticed? You just reported five major improvements, in two weeks. Really, that sounds as though you are well on your way. Especially if your dose is 80mg, split 2x/week instead of 160mg split into two 80mg doses a week. Congratulations on your progress.

It’s been awhile since I’ve read them, but there have been studies on how low testosterone men “carry” themselves, body language, interact with people, how woman seem to be mare attracted to higher testosterone men and how you function better at work with higher levels.

It is 160mg split 2x/week. You’re right! I feel better than I have in a very long time. I guess I was just not wanting it to be placebo like most say. I probably should have said I’d this common rather than what to expect.

From what I’ve read it just seems unusual to feel better so quickly. I’m not complaining but I’m not shut down yet or anything either. Like I said if the benefits stop here I’d be happy because I just feel normal. Kinda sad I can’t compete anymore but there’s more to life.

I suppose if you’re reading internet forums. What I hear from people in real life is the opposite, quick improvements without “dialing in”, waiting to be “stable”, adjust to fluctuations or be “level”.


I know you are excited as we all were when we started. It’s a steady increase in quality of life with ups and downs in between.

You will notice a noticeable benefit 2-4 months in if your dose is correct and you don’t change anything.

I noticed big improvements every 3 or 4 months after the first 3-4 months. At 1 year i felt even better and now almost 2 years later I feel steady.

Keep lifting and sleeping well. Trust in the bodies ability to want hormones like food.

The worst part of trt is the waiting. You can spend these next few months learning patience or learn how to be impatient and spend even longer trying to figure this out.

@highpull I was on 50-55mg every 3.5 days for 2 months… the last 3 weeks, I bumped to 60mg. Do you think I can do blood tests now for a follow up or should I wait longer if blood tests are still changing enough to matter? And when I do the blood test, I do it on a shot day before the shot, right? Thanks and glad you’re off to a good start @coloradoguy90

Once your voice drops one octave you can join a choir and get the ladies…

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You can go this week.


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I’m 5 weeks in.

I noticed energy, motivation, strength, confidence, libido improvement in the first 2 weeks. Weeks 3 and 4 were different, up and down. Still feeling kind of unstable, more tired and not amped like I was the first couple of weeks. I feel like I am going backwards in the gym a little bit right now too. I’m just trying to trust the process and stay the course like the experienced users on here tell us to do.

Just don’t expect to always have that awesome feeling that you have right now.

Yup it comes and goes until your body adapts. Just be patient.