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TRT Protocol Question

After a lot of research, I started TRT this week. I’m 33 and tested at 284 ng/dL for total test and 5.1 pg/mL for free test. I let myself get out of shape 3-4 years ago, but I’ve been on a 5 day workout routine for 18 months with only 4 days missed when I had the flu and my diet is in line.

My GP wanted to go any route besides injections, but I was able to talk her into letting me self inject Test C. I went to the office yesterday to get my prescription and let them walk me through self injecting.

I was initially shocked in that she started me on 200mg weekly (I assumed 100mg until I actually did the shot). I understand 100mg per week is more common, but I’m fine with scaling down after my next blood test.

She also shot down my request to inject every 3.5 days. I didn’t argue b/c I can modify this myself, but was the 2nd thing that caught my attention.

The biggest shock is that she wants me to inject 200mg per week for 4 weeks, then stop completely for 2 weeks, then get my blood test. Maybe I’ve missed something in my research, but I can’t even begin to think about why she would have me do that. It sounds like a roller coaster I’m not trying to ride. I’m wondering if anyone has seen something like this and why someone would take this approach outside of lack of knowledge.

My GP has always been good at working with me, but I wanted to dig a little more before straight up telling her I’m not following the 6 week protocol she’s laid out. If she’s unwilling to change the protocol, I have time to find an endo I can work with if need be.

Thanks in advance.

It sounds similar to another post we had here a few days ago.

This provider thought that giving the patient 200mg a week for a few weeks then tapering off would “restart” his natural test levels.

Hopefully that isn’t what she is trying to do. Those labs will be meaningless btw!!! They will literally tell you nothing helpful. Which is why I suspect she is doing that same idiotic plan that that other doc did. (restart with test) LOL

Yeah that’s not going to end well for you, you think 284 ng/dL is bad wait till you hit zero->0! See would then realize she’s in over her head and send you to an endo anyways, so why wait? You need to shop around for an endo that knows what their doing. Nobody does 200 weekly unless you are a hyper T metabolizer.

Thanks for the verification guys. I’m going to follow up with my gp next week and get her to agree to drop to 100mg per week and no ridiculous break after 4 weeks. I’m looking at options for an endo as well.