TRT Protocol Opinion

Have all of my prescription meds and just want opinions on my protocol.

Day one: 210mg test cypionate & .5mg anastrozole
Day two: .5 mg anastrozole
Day three: nothing
Day four: 250iu HCg
Day five: 250 iu hcg
Day six: nothing
Repeat above on the upcoming Monday
This is what was given to me by my doctor, what do you guys think and any changes I should make?

Please keep it civil and informative. Thanks.

Edit misread the dosage for hcg it’s 500iu 2x a week.

Planned protocol with your help:
Day one: 210 mg test + .5mg anastrozole
Day two: nothing
day three: 250iu HCG + .5mg anastrozole
Day four: nothing
Day 5: nothing
Day 6: 250iu hcg

This is a stupid protocol design by someone ignorant, I will comment of the weekly dosage only after I see some labs. We alway take our AI at time of injection since T and E2 peak together. HCG has a short half life 2-3 days, so you can see why your protocol makes no sense.

SHBG levels determine injection frequency. Your current injection frequency of T-Cyp suggests high SHBG, however given your poorly designed protocol I question your doctors competence.

Time for an experienced doctor, ditch your current doctor.

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With that protocol you will accomplish the following:
-experience peaks and troughs of testosterone in your blood
-crash your e2
-waste 500iu of HCG

Better protocol:
Day 1: 105mg test (210 is a weird number, btw); .5mg adex
Day 2: nothing
Day 3: 250iu HCG
Day 4: 105mg test; .5mg adex
Day 5: nothing
Day 6: 250iu HCG
Day 7: nothing

Taking that much HCG that close together seems like a waste. My endo has me taking mine twice a week, spaced evenly apart, and that seems to be standard. Taking the test all at once is fine, but we’re not on TRT so that we can be fine. We’re on it so that we can optimize our health and be better than just fine.

Thanks , sent an email to the doc to clairfy what he recommended. Yea 210 is just how the pharmacy doses it here, I may of misunderstood his HCG dosage so I’ll double check. Thanks again.

Also posted my labs in a previous post.