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TRT Protocol Critique?

Hi, after being a year under T replacement and after being several months reading (this includes all the stickies for beginners and a lot of other threads) and learning I’ve planned a better TRT protocol.

Test ester: Testosterone enanthate
Test dose/week: 175mg
Injections: Monday 75mg - Wednesday 50mg - Friday 75mg
Route of administration: Intramuscular
Syringes/needles: 1ml syringes and 27g needle
Arimidex/Anastrozol: 0.25mg ED - 1.75mg/week

I share my protocol so you can critique it and, in consequence, learn about my mistakes.
Thanks you for all the content and knowledge you share daily.

I am new to the forum as well and still learning but I don’t think anyone could help you without symptoms and labs. Is that doctor prescribed? Why would you start with AI from the start? Also why different dosages on the different days? Most people start on 50 mg twice a week and HCG 250iu twice a week.

If you sift through the threads on T-Nation you’ll see most produce a full set of labs, we cannot critique your protocol without a full set of labs including Total T, Free T, estrogen and SHBG being the most critical.

As it stands your protocol is a bit strange, you need to stick to one dose and be consistent or your result will not be. This protocol is excessive and expect it to produce symptoms as it’s a high weekly total dosage. Most men are closer to 100-140mg weekly.

AI’s are should only be used for those who have attempted to manipulate their dosing frequency, AI’s can cause a lot of harm and suffering.

I’m going to get lab test done in two weeks, after all these new changes have reached an stability.

different dosages because as my testosterone is 250mg/ml I can measure round numbers, which is easier when injecting:

  • 0.3ml = 75mg
  • 0.2ml = 50mg

Also the variation of the dosage is because it gives an smoother curve, as calculated here: https://roidcalc.powerbody.ru/

Sometimes we need to wait until week 8 to judge our protocols because our bodies are still attempting to adjust to these new levels. So if you find your levels unsatisfactory give it until 8 weeks to make your final judgement.

I’m a big fan of daily injections, my system gets jolted by testosterone every morning and is close to the natural order of things. Imagine what that hormone profile would look like, I feel like I get more anabolic action on a daily protocol v.s an EOD.

Thanks, I’ll wait a couple of weeks more before getting bloodwork done.
And I was debating between 3 injections or 4 per week, I think 4 would be better as you say, the more frequent the better.

Daily is so much easier to remember, you wake up first thing in the morning and inject.

If you are happy with the results and feeling good, go with it.

Generally, just on the surface without your labs, that seems to be a lot of anastrozole. Are you sure you need it? Low E2 is not good for your health. How are your lipids?

Most men on TRT take 150-200mg in once weekly injections. Those that take more frequent injections report using fewer milligrams per week. Also, E2 is reported to be lower with frequent, low dose, injections.

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