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TRT Protocol/Bloodwork Help

Hey guys so I’ve currently been on TRT for about 1 year now and the protocol I’m on is 100mg of test a week split into two shots of 50mg each (tue morning & fri morning) along with HCG 500ius a week also split into two shots of 250ius each shot on the same day as my testosterone shots. So far I’ve been feeling mediocre… better then I was previously to start the TRT. Reason I got my blood work done was past gear use and after doing so my levels were on the low end of normal and the effects were noticeable. So far I have only done 3 blood panels. My initial one. Second one was after I started TRT and third was just the other day and that was due to me having side effects on hot flashes, interrupted sleep, low sex drive, low energy… Sounds like the symptoms I had prior to starting… I’d like to post all three panels so someone can shed some extra light on what’s going on here. When ran by my doctor he just seems to rush things and doesn’t really take the time to going over everything and just pretty much gives me what I need with a standard protocol and sends me on my way so with that said I’d like to try and find the underlining problem so I can bring it to his attention or just fix it myself. The picture at the very bottom goes my first blood results and the one at the top is my most recent (2 days ago)

Your Total T results don’t really tell you anything about T status, like how much of your testosterone is bioavailable and circulating in the blood. SHBG levels would give us a clue where Free T levels may be and help determine the proper TRT protocol.

If your SHBG levels are high, then the bioavailable testosterone would be quite low and TRT protocol is insufficient.

State healthcare doctors they don’t have the necessary time to spend with you because they have 30 patients to see in a day and they don’t have time to sit there with you, once you land your numbers in the normal ranges, they are done with you.

To add the the problem the majority of doctors have no idea how to do TRT, your doctor is doesn’t seem to have a clue what he’s doing.

You want a doctor to pay special attention to your case and optimize you, you must go private and pay out of pocket if you want that level of care. Sick care doesn’t optimize health, they treat disease, in range you’re fine, out of range you’re not fine.

TSH is terrible, TSH closer to 1.0 is healthy.

Where are you antibody testing?


Thanks again for the quick response @systemlord. See my doctors lacks on that as well. All the research I’ve been doing shows other types of results for example SHBG and many others that he doesn’t look into… He’s lazy and really doesn’t care much for doing what needs to be done and at this point I’m having a real hard time trying to get right and dialed in. The sad part is he is a specialist in TRT. Had to get a referral to see him. Btw I’m in Canada. Ontario to be exact. When you say antibody testing I’m assuming what lab I go to for my results? Life labs. Not sure if you familiar with it. I’m really debating on just coming off TRT because all this trial and error nonsense is getting old especially not having any help from the soul individual who’s supposed to be looking after his patients…

Do you need a patient doctor who’s going to sit down with you and go over everything and get your hormones balanced and unfortunately that takes a lot of time.

A private practice doctor with passion in his career and a sense of purpose, now that’s a different story.

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