TRT Protocol At Home

Hey Guys,

A bit of a back story, I used to be on TRT but after my insurance ended I wasn’t able to continue seeing my doctor and staying on my medicine as it was incredible expensive - and my doctor didn’t really help me with a full package system. He just prescribed me 100mg of Test Cyp every two weeks and it was pretty awful. My levels never got high enough, and I never fault much benefit - a bit increased sex drive but that was the extent of it. Still couldn’t put on weight with a trainer or anything.

Anyway, I’ve spend the last couple months trying to perfect the TRT Protocol I’m going to use. I’m going to try to be as responsible and do labs before and during my treatment. This is what I’m going to start with:

Test Cyp 200mg a week, E3.5D
Arimidex 1mg a week, EOD
HcG 500iu a week, E3.5D

I think this seems like a pretty solid and safe starting point, I don’t think I can discuss where I will acquire said items - but how does that look as a general starting point?

Does anyone have an input on the best size needles to use for hcg and test? I was using these 1.5" 21ga paperclips my doctor prescribed me and they seemed ungodly large and way too big to get the job done!

I greatly appreciate any and all input/advice/criticism.

Thank You,