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TRT Protocol and Cholesterol?

Goal; Lean gains (of course). Sick of the puffiness from Test cyp + Anastrozole even while on keto and cutting.

  1. Should I switch to Test P and Exemestane while in a country for 3 weeks where roids are freely available?
  2. Add D-bol to bump progress and avoid lipid problem increase?
  3. Will switching off Anastrozole and switching from cypionate help my cholesterol?
    Gym; 10 years, 4+ years bodybuilding â?? 2 years heavy compounds + 2 years Serge Nubret pump training from this site. 6 days lifting, no cardio, hill sprint 1x week. 200+ reps on abs for quasi-cardio.
    Food; weigh all â?? whole & mostly organic. Protein 165g , Fat 100g, Carbs 155g = 2,150 cals aprox.
    Stats; 165 lbs, 15% BF aprox., mid 50â??s
    Supps; Ubiquinol (coQ10 for over 35 yrs old), EPA-DHA, whole food C and liposomal C to support collagen repair, NAC for glutathione, K2, CLA, etc.
    Intra work out only; BCAAâ??s and collagen 1&3.
    TRT: Test cyp 20mg 2x wk w/ .25mg Anastrozole 2x wk â?? puts me over 800 total serum and insurance wants to cut me off. My Naturopath will treat me for $100/mo if so. Iâ??m shut down and not on HCG with no plans to go off TRT. Iâ??m mid 50â??s and donâ??t need kids, and wife doesnâ??t need the big sack.

Health; Excellent except LDL-P and Apo-B. Absolutely all other levels are excellent. I suspect my root canal & bacteria causing LDL-P increase.

Butâ?¦ STUDY; â??All studies comparing the risks of tamoxifen vs AIs have shown an overall decreased risk of venous thromboembolic events in those taking AIs vs those taking tamoxifen.4 The BIG 1-98 trial demonstrated an excess of severe events (chronic heart failure and ischemic heart disease) in patients treated with letrozole vs tamoxifen. Additionally, anastrozole in the ATAC trial and letrozole in the BIG 1-98 trial were associated with a significant increase in hypercholesterolemia.17,21 Interestingly, no such increase was seen with exemestane.â??

CYCLE History = one; After TRT 3rd year; One cycle of Test Enth stacked with Primo (w/ holo label; M100 Manufactured by munster laboratories, Switzerland).
I donâ??t mind IM injecting so I would like to do EOD of Prop at higher level with higher level of exemestane as my AI for a few weeks while out of country.

Also, My Naturopath is set on Anastrozole but listens to me because I read studies all the time. Should I ask him to switch me - and just pay out of pocket for higher dose of Prop with Exemestane?
I know in my gut that I can fix my cholesterol problem and Iâ??m okay. Itâ??s a symptom of another problem that itâ??s trying to repair.