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TRT, Proscar, Acne and Feeling Good


Hey guys I recently got my blood work numbers below is what I’m taking and what my test numbers showed.

First off I understand the Aromasin dose is high but I was getting bad facial acne before and it has somewhat subsided since increasing dose. At the same time my Estrogen seems to be in range at 19.6. BUT I also seem to be a little more fatigued now. Does anyone have suggestions on what to go from here, I still get some facial acne and pray it I get a bout of it every morning. I have used Arimidex before and remember having to increase my dosage really high or I would get breakouts and bloat clearly from HIGH Estrogen. I think I’m a high aromatizer possibly because of the proscar. Anyone with advice of where to go from here my ideal goal is no facial acne (something is up) and waking up with energy (havent felt like that in forever even though I get 8-9 hours per night.

Test enth 250 per week ( 2x a week)
Aromasin 25mg morning and 25mg night (with fat) 50 mg total
Proscar 2.5 mg

T levels 927
Free T 271.1
Estrogen 19.6