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TRT Progression from Test E to Test P

Would like to hear anybodys experience transitioning from Eth to Prop.

I understand all involved. I just want to hear people’s personal experiences. Whether they felt better switching from enanthate to propionate. And if they still continue that protocol to this day with happy results in well being of life.

I’ve been on TRT about 5 months and considering trying Prop on EOD injections 30mg at first to see how my body goes with slight ups n down in test levels. My body may prefer this over constant stable levels on test E. I want to try it and see how I feel, if no improvements or I feel worse I will try ED of 18mg ( yes I realise it will be tough to gauge 18 and not 20mg) to see if that improves my wellbeing. If I still feel the same I will go back to Enanthate as it is less injections per week cheaper in the long run. I will lower the dose of 125mg a week and see if that then has any effect on sense of well being. If it doesn’t, I will just accept and stick to 125mg if test e per week.

Since I’ve had to go down the TRT route with secondary hypogonadism, if I’m going to the trouble of it all, I might as well see how I can obtain the best sense of well being. I’m not going to start large doses of test as that is not my purpose but if I can get a better sense of well being by switching to Prop or slightly increasing or lowering my dose I definitely will. Thanks. Anyone with personal experience switching esters or doses…

Also I had fresh bloods done this morning. CBC to mainly check - hemotacrit, lipids n liver. And FT, TT, E2 non sensitive, SHBG… I’ll wait for results before making any changes.

Bloods 3 months ago were FT & TT just over top level, e2 midway and SHBG midway or lower. (results are on my log) :+1:

Its likely prop will need to be jabbed everyday but try eod first and give it a chance to stabilize and then go from there.

Its likely you won’t do better with more ups and downs we are too estrogen sensitive for that. Estrogen needs to be kept within a very small range of fluctuation. How frequent are you injecting test e right now? Splitting that up into more frequent shots is an option too.

Yeah my Eth shots are spilt into 2 doses. Monday, Thurs, 62.5mg each…

I’ve had steady levels for a good few months now.

I’m suspect I’m very sensitive to estrogen as hCG really messes me over or its something else hCG does that I don’t know about it. That’s another story anyway.

I’ve been holding a good amount of water lately, It could be estrogen related my symptoms. I got bloods today to check. I haven’t had an AI for months. Anyway, cheers for the input :+1:

In reply to what you said. Prop will have less time to aromatase. So prop is renound for less estrogen conversion. For some reason I want to try the slight ups n downs of EOD prop shots. It may be more similar to natural production of Test then constant steady levels.

Plus it won’t take long to test it out and “stabilise” I’m actually considering leaving my test e shots the same for now n trialling 15mg of prop EOD and seeing how I go. Whilst upping my hCG dose again on prop shot days to counteract the negative feelings hCG gives me. All this without an AI too :+1:? :grin: