TRT Prescribed But Not Enough For a Cycle

Hi all. I am brand new to this forum but so far it has been an amazing resource! I am starting my first cycle soon, and I have been going to a Low T clinic to try to get a prescription (I’m 25, test levels around 560). They advised me not to jump into TRT and to try something such as Arimidex, Clomid, or HCG to help my body produce more of its own testosterone (which obviously I would only want to use any of these on cycle and/or for PCT), but I managed to convince them I understand the risks of TRT and would like to get started with it.

Long story short, they said they were okay with it, but their protocol is to start with 100mg/week Test Cyp (not enough of course). Not only this, but I would need to come in every week to have them inject for me for the first couple months. However, I asked if it is possible to inject at home after the first time to save money on visits, and they said that is “a possibility and something we could talk about”, but the first one needs to be in office. I also would need to come in for regular blood work. So they would know if I’m buying and injecting extra (I’ve heard this is avoidable by using short chain test and stopping it a bit before the blood work, but I really don’t want to complicate my first cycle).

Initially I was just going to say screw it and just use this as a prescription for HCG, Arimidex, and Clomid (I don’t think they have Nolva according to their information packet, but I can ask). But after he said it is a possibility for me to do it at home myself after the first injection, then I’m thinking I could just inject more than recommended at home (definitely preferred). But the blood tests will still be a problem. The other option would be to continually go in office and have them inject the 100mg for me and buy my own Test Cyp on the side to inject after I got home, but this would complicate things as well, and I’m not sure how safe it is to use 2 different brands of test at once? And again, them taking blood work would still be a problem. Another option could obviously be to just drop the whole thing and get everything myself, but this seems like a great opportunity to get some scripts.

Does anyone have any experience with this situation or have any advice on the correct course of action to take?

Thanks in advance and I am excited to be a part of this community!

This is the testosterone equivalent of people doctor shopping at pain clinics for oxys in the mid-2000’s.

You don’t need TRT. Obviously you don’t need it. Your levels are fine for a guy who’s 25. So if you want to run a cycle then just go buy your gear and run a cycle. By adding in a “legitimate” (although it sounds like a less-than-reputable) doctor’s office to the equation you’re making this significantly more complicated than it needs to be.


I’m aware I don’t need TRT. I would use the script to run a cycle of gear. Thought it would make things easier and less complicated but turns out it’s doing the opposite.

Maybe I will just try to get the Clomid and Arimadex prescribed and then just buy my own Test/HCG?

Just buy it all on your own. It’s not expensive. Why involve a doctor at all? Get your own bloodwork. Get your own gear and pct. End of story.

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