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TRT Plateau Possible?

Hello, in a recent post I discussed how I changed pharmacies. In doing so, my brand of test switched from Sun Pharma to Cipla Pharma. I’m injecting 100mg x2 a week. I’ve been on this protocol since April and have been injecting for nine months total. At first I thought the Cipla brand test wasn’t working. Been having more muscle fatigue during workouts, strength and recovery suffering some. Also noticed my forearm size as well as vascularity are down some. I’m not taking any AI at the moment, also wondering if that could be playing a role. I was hoping by doing multiple injections I could scale back AI use some. Is it possible my body has just fully adjusted to this dose. Anyone else experience this? I don’t get labs till October. Thanks in advance

I was switched to a different brand that made me not feel great and when switched back to compound grade went back to normal but I was on UGL at that time so likely not the same situation. AI isn’t going to help your situation. Diet, exercise and 8,000 other things play a part. Make sure your doing those right.


Yea, mine is script. The company is Cipla out of India. I noticed though over the past few weeks my lifts have been lacking some. Muscles fatiguing faster than normal, intensity down some tired by the afternoon. My overall mood is just down. Diets not too bad atm. I am trying to put some weight back on. I lost a few pounds during the lock down. Just gonna stick with it. It kinda sucks though. I guess after this I’ll try and switch back to the other pharmacy that uses Sun.

In my mind the best way to know for sure is blood work. Do you have your test levels from before the switch? What are they now? I suppose there also could be a reaction to the carrier oil. Or if you can switch back, do so and see if that helps.

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Made an appointment for the end of this month. I’ll be getting labs drawn this week. So glad I’m almost done with this Cipla brand bottle of test Cyp. My last injection looked like it had tiny air bubbles floating in it. It’s been almost two months on this shit and I feel like I’m pre trt. Strength way down, still real tired by 2pm, sleep suffering. Absolutely sucks. If my numbers look okay, and it’s not the test, then maybe TRT isn’t right for me. It’s really not worth sticking myself twice a week for no noticeable quality of life changes. I went to give blood last week and my Hematocrit is back down to 13 so that’s a positive.

Greatttt guess what brand my latest T is? Cipla. Hopefully it’s fine and not really an issue.

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By my 3rd shot I knew something was up. It just felt way weaker than Sun pharma. I wouldn’t say fake, but I noticed it was much, much weaker than any brand I had taken in the past nine months. Also, the color of mine was very light almost clear. Report back and let me know what you think of yours. Good luck. After my first month on Cipla 100mg 2x a week I felt pre TRT.

Looking forward to it, lol. I started on the real depo pharmaceutical stuff. Then went to compounded because it was like 30% cheaper. I saw this and thought awesome, real pharmacy made stuff and it’s close to the compounded stuff in price. Guess I know why now