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TRT, PH Cycle and PCT Confirmation?

(Possibly this should have been posted in the TRT forum - apologies if so).

My doctor has finally offered to put me on TRT (this is quite unusual here in Singapore). His suggestion is to apply 0.5mL of testosterone cream daily. The brand is AndroForte and at 5%. If I have converted that correctly I believe it is equivalent to 25mg of Testo per day, so 175mg per week. Can that be right? The doctor gave me the impression he’d start me on a low dose but that sounds middle of the road.
Now, I fully appreciate that injections would be more effective but I travel for work 70% of my time so it’s not practical. Also, bona fide prescription notwithstanding, I do not want to potentially have to argue with custom officials about why I carry syringes and vials in my luggage. The countries I travel regularly out here have zero tolerance for drugs and I don’t want to run the risk of any misunderstandings.

I obviously hope the TRT will help me with my main symptoms, lethargy and libido. I don’t really expect it will do very much in my pursuit of gaining some additional strength or mass; at 49 years old I find it gets harder to keep muscle, let alone adding any. Once things are dialed in properly with the TRT, though, I will likely combine the TRT with a PH* cycle twice a year or so. In that case, I’m thinking the TRT, even if a low dose, can serve as a test base and I simply add a PH (Halo or Decalone most likely) on top of that. Should I still look to stack that with something like Androtest even though I am on TRT or would that be both pointless and a waste of money? (Again, I realize that injecting AAS would be preferable, and certainly that has worked well for me in the past, but given my travel requirements it’s not a realistic option for me anymore).

My next questions are around PCT (or not). I understand that if you blast and cruise, there is no need to PCT. Just to make sure I have not missed any nuance, is this always true irrespective of TRT dosage? When I have cycled before - many years ago - I used Tamoxifen/Nolva to good effect during my PCT and occasionally on cycle. I have a tendency towards gyno but those concerns were always addressed by Nolva at normal PCT dosage. With no PTC when on TRT, what is the best way for me to keep potential gyno in check? Nolva at a low dose as and when required or just an AI?
If I do go down the PH option occasionally, what does that mean from a PCT perspective given I’ll remain on my TRT dose?

I will greatly appreciate any answers (or general advice for that matter). TRT is new to me. Thank you.

*is there a better (or maybe less poor!) oral option? I don’t have an awful lot of experience with orals.

Almost all oral options will be better than a PH. That being said, what is legal and what is not in your country? Wouldn’t want you to get in trouble there since the laws are so very strict.

It’s illegal to sell or trade steroids (or, to be precise, without a government license it is illegal to trade or supply any prescription-only medicines). Police goes after distributors and dealer though, not consumers. And, demonstrably, steroid use is surprisingly common here…

I need to be careful though and can’t take the risk. Even if there would be no legal repercussions if I was caught with AAS, I would almost certainly lose my work permit (I’m American, not local) and, thus, my job so not a road I’d go down.

It is possible, perhaps, I could convince my doctor to actually prescribe something but I’m still working to develop that relationship so too early to say with certainty. I hinted at maybe taking PH at some stage and he said ‘well then you let me know when so we can keep a close eye on things’ so quite open-minded for a local practitioner.

Well in that case you could add the halo and see what happens. It’s mild both in terms of side effects and gains, but if you’re looking for an idea of what is possible with an “enhanced” trt it can give you a reasonable approximation. I would avoid any nandrolone ph’s. I have never seen any data to suggest that they work in a meaningful way.

What you really want is one of the designer steroids that are still sold OTC as ph’s. Those are the best bet in your particular situation.

Thank you. It does look likely it’ll be the way it goes. Noted on the nandrolone PHs, I did not now that.

If, further down the road, I’m able to convince my doctor to prescribe something, what should I ask for ideally? Perhaps the most obvious would simply be to double the dose for 12 weeks but what if I were to suggest an oral (or two) AAS, what would you recommend? The ambition is somewhat sobered by my age, but it would be great to add a bit of mass.

Anavar. Probably the best rx steroid that can be prescribed at a high enough dose to be effective for muscle gain. Nandrolone is obviously available through doctors in many countries, but the therapeutic dose is much lower than what one would use to gain muscle.

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Much obliged. I have heard of it of course but shall now go and find out more.