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TRT Peptide Protocol

Hi bros, am new to this forum but certainly looks like it was made for me.

I am currently on a self administered TRT. Live in the UK and it’s seriously difficult to get support from health professionals. Even getting bloods done is almost impossible.

I am 53 years old been training most of my life. I am in very good shape at 5’ 8" 14 stone and about 12% BF.

I was natural for almost all my life and last year did a couple of AAS cycles which didn’t suit me as I’m not looking to become a monster. However I do want to maintain my performance in the gym hence my stab at a TRT.

Just started my TRT which is 250 mg Test E E7D and 250 iu HCG E7D. I am also using Toremifene at 30 mg E3D.

In addition I am also doing GH at 16 iu per week along with CJC1295 100mg and GHRP6 200mg ED on a 5/2 split.

I’m happy with the peptide protocol just wondered what you guys make of the TRT? Assuming I do struggle with getting bloods done are there any signs that may indicate changes which I should make?

Any good advice much appreciated.

You don’t roller coaster on the weekly injections? If you’re doing the hCG half way between T injections, I could see how that might even things out a bit, but I felt like hell on weekly injections. I much prefer EOD.

Why are you taking Toremifene? The hCG will keep your testes functioning and SERMs don’t actually do anything to control estrogen. There are also serious health concerns for long term SERM use and they really should not be part of any TRT regimen. Switch to anastrozole and you’ll be safer and you’ll also limit the production of estrogen instead of just masking its effects.

Toremifene dose seems too low to keep your HPTA from not shutting down the pituitary. Using a SERM and hCG at the same time seems like over kill. Your hCG dose is low. Your use of low SERM and low hCG may not work as well as 250iu hCG SC EOD.

You will make a huge amount of estradiol and I do not see an AI. All of the estrogen and 3 peptides should really grow your boobs fast.

If you are going to saturate your IGF-1 receptors, more is not cost effective.

Is this a recipe for GH gut?

How is all of that TRT? TRT is long term and what you are planning does not seem safe. Calling it TRT does not make it safe.

How do you plan on getting off of this T and peptide cycle?

You really need to break up the T injections. Once a week will drive E even higher, with more SHBG and lower %FT.

You need to check PSA with labs twice a year and get a DRE once a year. Check hematocrit twice a year as part of basic blood work.

Too much GHRHR stimulation may the production down. Note how long the effects are:

Thanks guys. I don’t seem to have any ill effects from weekly injections and the long ester in Test E I believe should make weekly jabs sufficient. In fact many of the BBers that I know do weekly, however I’m going to change to 100 mg E3D which certainly can’t do any harm. I was advised that the Tore would be useful but will change to Arimidex which seems to be the preferred option here. Will .25mg E3D be a good starting point? Again the 250 iu HCG works well for me with no shrinkage of the testes. However if I go to 250 iu E3D taken the day before Test E injection would that seem better?

Regarding the peptides these are not long term and I’ll probably cycle the CJC and GHRP. 16 iu GH EW shouldn’t cause GH gut it’s nowhere near enough. Again and with all things I’ll be keeping an eye on how my body reacts and play it safe. Also note that thread was quite old and one of the contributors DatbTrue has made some in depth and relevant research in CJC and GHRP and which I am following to a certain extent.

Thanks for your help it’s much appreciated. There’s so much info out there with so many different opinions it can be difficult to decide what’s for the best.

PS. I have ordered some Arimidex. As a matter of interest could I use Letro in place of this? I have quite a stock which has never been used so would be good to put it to good use.


This whole thing is a balancing act. The more T you inject at any given time, the more your T spikes. This causes a cascade effect in spiking aromatase and then estradiol. But if you’re happy with your protocol, there it is.

You’re not really doing Testosterone Replacement Therapy, you’re doing an extended low dose cycle. I suppose that’s really neither here nor there, but you should be aware that what works for a temporary cycle is not necessarily what will work (and be safe) for the long term.

My biggest concern is that you seem to be following advice without also doing in-depth research of the meds involved to work out for yourself if that advice makes sense for your particular situation. I think any forum dialog should be nothing more than an exposure to the sorts of ideas you should be researching and learning about on your own. Use advice as a compliment to research, not as a substitute.

[quote]bobgenie wrote:
PS. I have ordered some Arimidex. As a matter of interest could I use Letro in place of this? I have quite a stock which has never been used so would be good to put it to good use.


Letro works well, too well. Its dose/response varies greatly from on guy to the next. For some a scant amount will take E2 to extremely low levels. Effectively, it is unpredictable. Adex is a better bet. Many regard letro as simply dangerous.