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TRT Pellet Working?

So does injections done 1x weekly or 2x weekly, theres always going to be a small fluctuation, the issue I have is the frequency of the pellet insertions, the insertion periods are too far apart thus nadirs are usually low, however if you have a doc willing to give adequate doses and implant intervals I think pellets are fine (although it’s an invasive procedue that has to be done multiple times per year, do you really want surgery like 5x/year

You should peak on pellets within 48 hours after insertion. And it is true that you continue to decrease from that point - which is why it is so important to have a doctor that will adjust dosages to your needs.

Lucky guys get 5-6 months on pellets before re-insertion. Unlucky like me will only last 3 months.

I agree with you that every person is different, and the rate at which they experience improvement will be different. Remember this however, 99.9% of pellet users do not get on these boards to discuss their situation; nor do you read about mass conversion from pellets to shots. Take it with a grain of salt.

That is slightly unfair … I must re-pellet every 3 months, and that is unusual; but even with my issues that is only 4 times per year. The “average” guy gets 3 per year; and the lucky guys get 2.

The same question could be asked from a different perspective: Do you want to stick yourself with a needle 182 times per year? (EOD)

No lol that’s why I shoot once a wk. It’s a good point, I wish they had an oral effective route for trt, too bad they dont. Also one can use slin pins. However if methyltestosterone was available I’d take that (most convenient despite hepatotoxicity and lipid strain)

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I have seen the procedure and I can say without a shadow of a doubt…hell yes. Way less invasive.

As one of my corny friends says @NH_Watts , “that is why Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors”.


PS: SEEING the procedure is not fun. It is NOTHING like what the video shows. I didn’t watch the video until after my first insertion. That was a smart move.

Well regardless its trauma. My 30g injection spots have never even bled a spec.

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What would be the downside of suppressing E2 with an AI like Anastrozole? I definitely have some soreness, it’s not terrible but definitely noticeable. I am trying to understand when/how to manage that part. The other question I have is what would be the downside to taking an E2 blocker at pellet insertion so I don’t have to take it orally?

The downside would be crashing your E2 and going through hell. Give it some time here dude. Let your body even out with its new surge of hormones. Its trying to figure things out and determine the best state of homeostasis. Then get some labs and see where you stand. Most of the best docs in the TRT game are moving away from AIs these days looking at new research and determine that its natural and ok to let E2 climb with T levels. Don’t jump the gun because your left nipple had an itch one time last week or you feel bloated one day. Too many have made this mistake and paid for it.

Appreciate the advice and info. That sounds like a good plan. I’ll give it some time and re-evaluate. Thanks.

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