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TRT Patient, Adding Extras


I'm 32, been on TRT for a little over 2 years at a modest dose of 100mg/week, pinning EOD and currently doing sub-q shots. This keeps my TT at around 700. I play around with my Adex dose and haven't managed to settle at a good regular dose, but 1mg/week at last bloodwork had my level at 14 on an ultrasensitive panel.

I'm thinking of adding in some extras, either some additional Test, some EQ, some Masteron, or something else. I'm lifting for general health/looking good naked and want to drop a little fat and add some clean "dry" gains.

Now, there are a few things I'm taking into account and would appreciate some advice on:
1. When I first started on TRT, I was on Androgel, which was a failure except for an increase in mood, which my research has indicated may have been related to a higher DHT level. That's making me lean toward Masteron or another DHT derivative for adding on to my TRT. Does that make sense as an angle to go on, or are there other "classic" additions to TRT that I should consider based on my goals?
2. I am prone to hairloss and am trying to arrest the slow thinning of my hair. I use minoxidil daily and am planning on adding in Nizoral/ketoconazole shampoo. Would finasteride counteract the hairloss potential of Masteron and other DHT derivatives?



I'll touch on what I know about:

If you're prone to hair loss, compounds that are known to cause hair loss will only accelerate this. If you truly don't want to lose anymore hair, I would just stay away from mast.

As far as EQ goes, you'll have to run it at a relatively high dose and for an extended period of time to see any real benefits from it.

I think your best bet would just be a higher test dose. You could up to something like 500mg a week for x amount of weeks, then drop back down to your TRT dose.


Cool, thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I'll save Masteron for when my hair is finally gone. I'm assuming that since I'm already on long-term TRT that I'll just have to up my Adex dose and use some dutasteride to keep my hair as much as I can on a higher dose of test?


That would be the trick; if you're prone to higher estrogen, then you will need to up the Adex dose. Go by how you feel though.


wouldnt it be least complicated to take oxandrolone with the trt dose? Im not sure if ive ever seen anything about it being worse on the hairline than test
- little liver toxicity
- little or no aromatize
- generally well tolerated


How often do you have to see your doctor for bloodwork? How soon is your next appointment?

You don't want to have elevated(more lol) levels when you have to go back. Also what are your current stats? "Looking good naked" is the most vague shit ever.


Definitely want to avoid 17aa orals, because of potential liver toxicity. I already pin 3x/week, so additional ones aren't a big deal.


I see my doc every 6 months now that I've been stable. I just got bloodwork done last month so I have a while. I'm 6'2", 200lbs, approx. 12%. One thing pushing me away from extra Test is that it would show up on bloodwork, but other compounds would likely not considering the panels they usually run for me.