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TRT Overseas in Japan

While @synonymous originally posted “Gear in Japan” in the pharma section, we not only covered the legalities of gear, but the legalities of syringes in Japan, which is very applicable to TRT.

I thought that this would be the best section to discuss, as one would most likely run into TRT treatment as opposed to cycling while in Japan and end up coming across this thread in their hunt of other avenues.

Well, I’ve been on TRT for maybe 1.5 years now and since syringes are a controlled item, anyone must go into a clinic to get their shot weekly (in my case, twice weekly).

Because of travel, waiting, and getting sick 4~ times over this period (which made me feel like taking two steps forward, only to take two back in the growth department, but feeling excellent because of normal T nonetheless) from the runny nose children in the lobby, I pressed the issue to self inject (as twice weekly is a huge schedule breaker, even for a retiree).

Well, I developed a good relationship with my doctor for him to consider self injections as TRT is a lifelong commitment / plan. The only condition – which I believe is fair – is that the hospital administration wants me to drop off my needles once every two weeks to ensure accountability of them; this may sound very odd, but syringes are basically on the same level of cocaine in the US (unless diabetes).

So, if you do fall victim to hypogonadism, don’t feel hostage to having to schedule your shots around work, summer leisure, and whatnot.

Ask, ask, ask.

And hopefully, we can even make it once a month in the future.

I think that you brought this up some time ago.

Diabetes: A life time dependency on a hormone, injections every day.

Low-T: A life time dependency on a hormone, a few injections per week.

Correct. That’s why it’s pertinent to have insulin syringes, while testosterone (1.5" or even slin) doesn’t quite merit them.

But, I was taking two hours out of my day, twice weekly to sustain levels, for each shot (not to mention the 20 minute drive and gas). The administration just wants to ensure I’m not distributing them or using them in a nefarious manner (they may test residue to see if it pops, who knows) so they want a 2 week turn-in.

Over 10, 20, 30+ years, that’s a lot of wasted time… Now I can vacay and not schedule around my “shot days”.

This is just for those Expats in Japan to push for it, because it can be possible.