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TRT Over a Year, ED for the Last 3 Months

So I’ve been on TRT for over a year now. The reason I got on in the first place is because I had ED and suspected I had TRT. Little bit of back story when I was younger I got involved with DXM (robo tripping) did that for like 6 monmths, ended up in the hospital and it messed me up bad. I was having trouble urinating and I noticed it shrunk my balls. I Quit that well over 10 years ago but my balls never returned to normal size and I had ED since then. It goes without saying that I damaged something down there doing that shit.

At the age of around 32 I finally got fed up and decided to get my tesosterone checked as I suspected it was low. It was around 310. First started at 150 ended up at 280 to get my levels in the high normal. It seemed like the more I took the better I felt but my ED actually got worse with anything over 150. Until I started Micro dosing and pinning everyday. That seemed to solve the issue. My ED was finally gone!! Untill about 3 months ago… So I was a weed smoker and I got CHS (Cannabanoid hyperemises syndrome) for those that are unaware its basically uncontrollable vomiting and terrible stomach pains and all that crap. Now I lost over 20 lbs going through that shit and also my ed came back big time…

It has not left and it seems like it is getting worse. It’s been 3 months and I can’t figure out what the hell to do. I can’t make any appts to see the doctors with all the crap going on. I am curious if anyone here might be able to tell me what to do or point me in the right direction. I am extremely frustrated and at my witts end with this shit. My blood pressure has returned to normal my heart rate is back to normal I am eating fine again, I am back in the gym. My weight is back to normal. I haven’t changed my test dose at all. What could have happened?

Got any lab work we can look at?

Edit: I really should read the whole post before commenting lol. Can’t chronic weed smoking hurt libido and ED anyway?

i was only smokng for 4 months and it was honestly completely fine when I was smoking. This all started after that stupid CHS. The only thing I will say is I have read the penis does have cannabanoid receptors in it so I am wondering if possibly it has something to do with the withdrawal.