TRT + Other Compounds

I have wanted to use AAS for quite some time now, but never have because I’m subject to random drug screening in the military.
Recently I had blood work by a local civilian doctor and was diagnosed with low testosterone. Subsequently he started me on 200mg test cyp per week. He also has me coming in every 6 weeks for new lab work and reassessment.
Now that, “I have a prescription”, and any unusual gains I get can be attributed to that, what compounds can I add to my 200mg/week cypionate so that I can get the most benefit from finally getting on AAS?
Keep in mind I have labs every six weeks and I don’t want my doc catching me abusing AAS and cancelling my treatment.
Thanks in Advance

200mg puts me and many other guys above the normal range so I suggest you wait and see the effects this dose has to your body before thinking about adding other stuff.

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At 250mg Enanthate once a week, I was right at 894 (348-1197 ng/dL). So, depending on how your body responds, you should be just under that number somewhere. So, I agree with @krataios, see the effects of the 200mg first.

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I’ve got low SHGB so that plays a part in my levels I supoose

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That info alone doesn’t tell us much. When only pinning once a week it matters very much when you have blood drawn versus when you’re pinning.

210mg/wk test-cyp plus hCG initially put me at ~2600ng/dl (348-1197), and that was with splitting my dose out to multiple pins per week. I generally take half the prescribed dose.

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Understood. This was on the day just before my next injection. So it was on the lower end. Running only Enathate and Proviron.

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Thanks gentlemen.
For now I’ll just run the 200/week test cyp, however after my next labs I want to couple it with another compound regardless of where the cyp takes me.
Is there a steroid that I could run that would not show up on a regular trt blood panel?

Other compounds will not show up as test on a regular hormone panel. They will affect your lipids, blood pressure, liver enzymes, etc. though, all of which your TRT doc may become concerned with, so get tested on your own as well (like with privatemdlabs), and make sure to learn as much as possible about any of the other compounds you decide to take and how they are likely to affect you.

Time to read up and understand the operating manual.

Please read these links found here: About the T Replacement Category - #2 by KSman

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

Many do not do well with weekly injections, peaking and crashing.

You will do best if you can:
inject twice a week
take anastrozole oral at time of injection
inject 250iu gCH SC EOD to prevent damage to your testes - optional

You can inject T with #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes. Inject SC, below skin, or IM, intramuscular as you determine which works best for you.

Tell doc that you need to self inject to be ready to deploy.

Like Juggs said other compounds can only be detected only with specific testing. If you really would like to add something you can probably add masteron. It will probably not mess with your lipids that much but it will affect your DHT and SHGB. If the doctor that reads the tests is knowledgeable he may suspect you’re on something