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TRT, Ostarine, Restart, Cycle

So long story short…
I’m 36 and last summer I did a run on Ostarine for 60 days. Spanning July-august. Never having done anabolic of any kind this was the most aggressive compound I have ever taken. It was amazing for me. Felt better than I can ever remember feeling. I was on fire. Towards the end of those 60 days the bro that sold me the Ostarine told me I could bring it to the next level if I added exemestane. Never heard of it at that time but if this bro says next level I’m in. A week later I was depressed. No motivation. Life completely drained from my body. Then my pecker stopped working.

I looked it up and sure enough these were the symptoms of low estrogen. I stopped taking everything. Took 2 weeks to recover. Got back to normal and laid off. This year in May I decided to make another run at Ostarine minus the suicidal aromatase inhibitor. Bought the same stuff from the same guy and within three days felt totally crashed out again. Felt just like when I crashed my estrogen. Identical but this time it was supposed to be Ostarine. I dropped it and figured I would bounce back. That didn’t happen. In July I was still in bad shape and finally went to a doctor. Ran blood work. Low test at 293 ng/dl and ZERO estrogen.

Now I’m faced with the decision. Do I go on trt or attempt a restart… I ran my 4th set of bloodwork today and should have my results back sometime this week. Based on this lab work I’m taking action one way or another. Btw, I’m married for 9 years and have 4 children. Had a vasectomy in October and verified shooting blanks. What would Y’ALL do?

Get the results, order nolva and hcg, wait to see what the doctor says about trt or something, if you don’t like the options, run hcg at 250iu x 3 pw for 2 weeks. Then run the nolva 40mg for 2 weeks then 20mg for 6 weeks at week 4 or 5 run bloods again. My 2 cents

Thank you for the response. I have ordered nolva and arimidex just in case. I have Clomid on hand. Never used any of these compounds before.

Estradiol 12.1 (7.6-42.6) Crashed again. Waiting for the rest of the results.

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I don’t think you will need the adex

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That would be nice @norse_str3ngth. I just want to be prepared for anything.

Order some HCG as well …regardless if u want to reatart or keep going…HCG can be used during or off cycle…
Differencesie in individual preferences.i prefer running it while on…because i never come off lol (blast cruise)

that’s not crashed. ideal number is 21. 12.1 is low, but it’s within ok range, most people won’t even feel this. Crashed is 0.

Also, your ‘bro’ is an idiot. make better friends. Neither exemestane nor ostarine has taken anyone, ever, to a ‘next level’. Why are you getting that stuff from a gym bro anyway? You could just order it yourself, at worst it’s grey market. It’s not classified like steroids, legally speaking.

I’ll address address the course of action I think you should take moving forward. For me, I don’t see any issue with going the TRT route. I did it. But if you have ANY reservations about doing that, I would attempt a DOCTOR GUIDED restart first. don’t do it on your own, consult a physician who knows what they are doing.

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Thank you. The 12.1 is based on the ECLIA method which overstates estradiol in men so I do believe it’s lower than that. I was at zero in May and fighting it ever since. I’m just tired of the roller coaster ride. I have my appointment with the endo on the 29th. Hopefully we will have a path moving forward that day. I’ll never buy anything from that idiot again. It was a mistake and I’ve learned a lot since then. Thank you for your response.