TRT or Wait?


I`m a 20 years old guy from Germany.
My height is 6,2 feet. My weight is 196 lbs. BF 16 %.

I already created a thread for my problem, but I can’t reply anymore and I really need help.
This is the long and detailed thread:

To make a long story short:
Last year I made a hard diet and went from 16 % BF to 5% BF in only a few weeks.
I didn’t make reefed days and ate only a few fats. When my weightloss stopped, I made more cardio.
So I made everything wrong and when I reached 10% BF I felt very bad. No libido, lost strength, bad erections and very low ejaculate volume.
A bloodiest showed, that my T levels were very low. (1,5 ng/ml)
I paused workout for 2 months, ate more and gained weight. 2 months later my T levels were still very low 1,7ng/ml.

I ate more and gained more weight. After 5 months my t levels were at 2,7ng/ml. I was sure that I only need to gain more fat and my t levels will be normal again. So I ate more and reached 16% BF.
I have more weight now than before the diet.
1 week ago I went to the doctor again and I was sure that my t levels will be better, but they were at 2,4ng/ml. So only 2,4ng/ml after 6 months waiting and a BF of 16%.

I am not hungry anymore, so I don’t think I should gain more weight. I am not hopeful that my t levels will normalize on their own. I am waiting so long now and nothing happened. I still have nor sex drive, low ejaculate volume and feel very weak and have no energy.

Next week I will see my endo. Im sure that he will put me on TRT now. I always said to him that I want to wait, but now I don’t think there is any other option.

But I want to hear your opinion. Do you think I should start TRT ? Is there any other option ? I would try everything.
Or shall I just wait for a longer time ? Maybe my body just need time to recover.

I am so hopeless and really need help.

Best regards from germany.

Your thread is here:

Your fT3 and fT4 levels are still low, should be mid range.

Please repost your waking and mid afternoon body temperatures.

I checked my body temperature for 4 days.
It was 36,5 degrees Celsius,36,6 ,36,5 and 36,5
My thyroid is not big and I don’t have goiter.

I can check my body temperature this afternoon again.

Do you know if there is any person on T Nation or any other page who had the same problem after a diet and naturally recovered his T levels ?
Im so sure that my body can recover itself. But why is my t level so low again ?

The times before this blood test I went to the doc at 8am. This time at 9:30am while fasting. And it was another lab that checked my t levels. Could this be the reason why the t level is lower than before ?

Need waking and mid-afternoon temperatures. What are you posting. Please post temps in degrees F.

T levels are variable/