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TRT or Suicide?

Sup everyone.

I have been on zoloft for 6 months for ocd 10 months ago. It made me suicidal and i quit almost cold turkey, my doctor told me to do that. After that i went through a horrible withdrawal. Its now 10 months ago i took the last pill. I still feel tired all the time, no libido, no confidence, anhedonic and feel like shit. I did my bloodwork and recieved it today. My free trt is 22.59 indexwise My SHBG is 112,400 nmo/l. my normal testosterone is 25,390 nmo/l. Also my progesterone is high 5,4 nmol/l . My gp says everything is fine but i dont believe that to be honoust. I did boron a while ago for a week and i finally felt normal again. After a week it didnt work anymore sadly. Boron is known to lower shbg so that explains a lot. I feel like shit everyday and i want it to stop. I am scared i have pssd, post sexual dysfunction after ssri which can be permanent. All the guys at the pssd forum report an elevated progesterone too.I have everyting pssd is, and i just don’t want to live this life anymore. For me the trt has to do something to this feeling of disconnect with everything or i am done for. It has now been well over a year of feeling like absolute shit due to this medicine, and i am scared it is permanent. What do you guys advice? Is my free t low? is my normal t low or high? All tips and other opinions are appreciated!

Your doctor has failed to understand the implications of elevated SHBG, when SHBG is elevated, Free T, the bioavailable form of testosterone is affected negatively, in these cases where SHBG is elevated, the bioavailable form of testosterone is very low and Total T should be ignored as it’s not bioavailable. Total T is bound to SHBG, it’s useless to you.

GP’s typically don’t specialize in hormones and typically get it wrong. I bet your estrogen is dangerously low, low estrogen can cause OCD like symptoms and anxiety.

Do you have the ranges for Free T?

So your gp prescribed you Zoloft for the OCD or was it a specialist? When you say suicidal, did you actively want to hurt yourself or were you having intrusive thoughts that were egodystonic?

Yeah the ranges are 22,2 to 110 so i am just like 0,3 below the lowest

If your Free T was midrange, I’d still tell you it’s somewhat low. I’m on TRT and my last protocol had my Free T midrange and I had every symptom in the book.

Free T needs to be high normal or higher.

psychiatrist did. I wasnt suicidal before zoloft… i had ocd. Ocd totally disappeared on zoloft cause i didnt feel anything anymore. Made me severly depressed but they just told me to wait it out. took 6 months than i quit. now i am left with all these symptoms 10 months after the last use of zoloft.

A lot of men who have low testosterone and thyroid problems often suffer from depression and anxiety and are often given these drugs instead of addressing the cause, low testosterone and or low thyroid function.


I know man its extremely low i am 22 wtf. But i have seen a lot of stories with high shbg and normal test, it doesnt seem to work out for them most of the time…

I understand, reason I asked is that OCD can sometimes present as suicidal intrusive thoughts that scare the shit of the sufferer, they don’t want to do it and don’t know where the thoughts are coming from. Whereas regular suicidal thoughts occur in the face of major depression or life-trauma and are very dangerous when combined with an intent or plan, or a feeling of ease/peace accompanying the thoughts.

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Nah they dont scare me. I just consider ending it because of this situation maybe being permanent

Tbh i never had test issues before the zoloft medication. Always horny, went to the gym 4 times a week. now i feel like an old man. Do you think i should do trt with these numbers? Especially considering the high shbg

That’s tough man, sorry to hear about your situation. This forum is definitely going to help you on the hormonal side of things.


^ That forum is full of people who’ve tapered off every SSRI imaginable and they may be able to help with your symptoms too.

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Hey man thanks. I am already active on that forum. Just checking out my hormones made me go to this site. ty for the help mate

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Everyone i think i have the answer. I am doing keto. Turns out that increases shbg to crazy levels. The sad thing is, keto does help me when it comes to anxiety. But will stop the diet i guess to see what happens to my levels.

@Jewboy69 i hope you can hear me, Suicide is never the answer man, listen i wouldn’t let some Pharmaceutical drug that caused an Side effect destroy my life, everything can be Reversed in due time, there is even guys on the Post Finasteride syndrome (PFS) Forums who have turned their lives around from the Destruction Finasteride did, if you just google Finasteride symdrome it will tell how much they have Suffered, and they have turned it around for the better, & lots of them have now beat it & found the answer on research on how to beat it. I would definitely try T.R.T and i would definitely supplement something that boots serotonin again if you worry that SSRI(Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) messed up your serotonin metabolism. 5-HTP 5-Hydroxytryptophan is very good at balancing brain i heard. But yes man they made changes those propecia men, if it was me i would not Give Up & research, i know you can come out looking Gold too bro.

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i have pssd too
im jumping on this protocol in few weeks:
TRT 100 mg test enant weekly
NDT Thyroid 60 mg ed
hydrocortisone 20-30mg ed

i will tell u how my trial goes

did u manage to start TRT urself?

No man. I am in a mental hospital right now because i almost took my life. Let me know about how it worked out for you. I am maybe going to do iboga. It resets your neurotransmitters and there is a case on youtube where it cured his pssd anhedonia

Don’t take you’re life, I know it may seem reeeeaaaaallllly shit right now but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve had my ups and downs in life (mostly severe reactive depression resulting from medical issues and situations such as moving frequently, bullying, social isolation etc) and I can say it may take a while but it did get better. My situation pales in comparison to yours, and I can’t give you any advice other than to try find if there’s a root cause of the hypogonadism, get more comprehensive labs.

You’re obvs very anxious and stressed (t killer), but given you’re situation what meds are you on? Various meds can wreck T status. I’ll write a more comprehensive response tommorow, my device is currently about to die.

Feel free to email me if you want to talk/vent (email in bio)

I’m gonna tag @physiolojik in here

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ibogaine wont help u
it has been tried already
jump on cialis+ prasozin for errection and on this protocol
test enanthate 100mg weekly
hydrocortisone 20-30mg daily
NDT Thyroid 1 grain 60 mg
follow this protocol and be seriousn if u wanna recover
dont take anymore psychiatric drugs it will make u only worse

Thats not true. For some it has worked. I could say the same about trt mate. Lots of pssd guys tried and failed. https://youtu.be/VEu7FlVUBJU check out this, the guy his anhedonja issues are still gone i contacted the guy. His libido still is a problem but i dont even care about that and he doesnt also. Just want my emotions back.