TRT: Or Staying on the Never Ending Year Round Cycle'

Ok so please fire away.

None of my friends, sources, or gym partners come off test. Ever. Im talking about 8 people here. All have been on gear a while for up to 8-10 years. I have stayed on test for trt for up to 16 weeks and tapered down and got off for a couple months and gone back for 16 weeks.

I really would like to know some educated thought on just staying on all year round.
I know a ton of guys here i kniw locally say a shot a week of test (250mg) just to keep your d*ck up. All these guys are 30-50 years old range, me included. All also cycle in with the test tren,dbol,deca,eq,anadrol,win etc. Throughout the year but never come completely off.

Here are some questions and my thoughts.
Why is everyone one on the boards surprised by this all year round test usage, or opposed to it?

I have had a vasectomy earlier this year, and i have found that since my sperm have no where to go, that being on test and shrinking testes and slowed sperm production, actual makes things alot better. I was having some pressure issues with it before i got back on test. Now i ejaculate on average 1-2 times a day and no pain at all being on test i think has helped in this since.

Lastly my natural test level was on the low end of the spectrum so dr prescribed trt was already in affect but i up the dosage to use it for gain.

I just had complete blood work and physical, and everything came back on the highest level of the good spectrum. liver function kydney, hdl ldl etc. Dr was like your healthy as a horse. Now ive ran dbol deca test and hgh up and including during the physical.

So any constructive comments please, and if i left out something please ill try to add in another post its late and im rambling.

Thank you.

I do it too - many on the boards do, it just isn’t discussed here due to the number of newbies willing to blindly follow posts of more experienced users.

Well, its like TRT on steroids. I do not know if that is a good pun or a bad one.

When you do this, there is no getting off. If your HPTA does not work right any more, then there seems to not be anything to loose. For younger guys, they can be getting onto a boat that they can not ever get off of. That’s why limited cycles an PCT is critical. [I had to add that for the “newbies willing to blindly follow”.] When doing long term cycles without hCG the structure of the testes can actually be destroyed.

Back on subject. When doing the never ending, it is a good idea to read things on the over 35 lifter forum to see what the TRT guys have learned about estrogen control and hCG use.

As for discomfort of a vasectomy, that can take time. Shutting down the testes because they hurt [you really did not explain] is a bit heavy handed. Sort of like a chemical castration. Some guys who start TRT without hCG have a 24x7 ache that comes with the shutdown [vasectomy or not]. They find that hCG fixes that problem. My vasectomy ached for 3 years [way before TRT]. I had achy testes from TRT and adding hCG was very fast relief; that also restored size and firmness as well as letting things hang normally again.

Well I can tell you any cycle recommended here in steroids always has pct. I have noticed most guys
running enanthate will begin PCT 2 weeks after the last injection with nolva that looks like 40/40/20/20 = 4 weeks of PCT. There has been some controversy on whether to use HCG on cycle though. I know the high dosages
of hcg have fallen out of favor. Your post has some good info we all should follow.

Yea the pain came from the sperm not having anywhere to go and back pressure. So said the urologist.

I know from previous cycles that by shrinking my testes and the cycle being the only birth control my wife and i used, that it did lower sperm production as well as making the testes atrophy.
So with that i figured it was a bonus in my situation that staying on will help with vasectomy pain.

And it has. I had vasectomy in january, started cycle in april. And by may no more pain. Coincedence, maybe.

Yea You are probably right…if your testes are shrunk or non existent. It just can’t help but feel
your “fix” is a bit extreme.

Trivia: With a vasectomy antibodies are released that ‘digest’ the sperm. With a vasectomy reversal the antibodies are still there [ongoing] and they cling to the head of the sperm and can make the sperm unable to penetrate the ovum. High doses of prednisone can allow for production of normal sperm, but prednisone has many dangers.