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TRT or Stacked Cycle?

So I posted a few weeks back after getting my labs back and finding out my T levels were almost nonexistent. I had a 49 on a 280-800 scale. Well the doc I am seeing gave me a script for Test cream at a dose of 25mg per day. After my first month I feel a little better I dont get drained of energy as fast as before and I seem to have a little more motivation.

My sex drive is still lacking and thsts getting really frustrating for me and my girlfriend.
Well last weekend I saw an old buddy for the first time in a while and told him about my low T issue and what the doc gave me. His response shocked the shit out of me. He said fuck the cream and told me he was going to give me some HCG, Testosterone enanthate, and equiposie.

It would be a 10week cycle. Is this a good idea for TRT? Should I keep up with the T cream during or after? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.