TRT or Continue with Clomid + Pregnenolone

Hello Everyone - I’m new here, been researching the forum for a little while but it’s my first post.

I’ve been struggling with low T for several years but wasn’t able to find a physician willing to consider TRT since I was in my mid 30s, I’m 40 now.
Finally found a great Urologist.

Blood tests 7 weeks ago showed the following:
Total T = 193
Free T = 48
Estrogen Total Serum = 95

Based on some other deficiencies Dr recommended I try Pregnenolone, Clomid, and Iodine (my iodine was very low too).
Today’s blood test showed the following
Total T = 577
Free T = 104
Estrogen Total Serum = 217

So obviously they prescribed Arimidex to take care of the estrogen and said I could continue with the pregnenolone and clomid and I should get into the 700 range for T or if I want to go down the route of TRT with Test cypionate.
During the 7 weeks on pregnenolone and clomid I still had a LOT of trouble loosing weight but given the rise in estrogen it makes sense why.

Question is if you were under this situation which option would you take and why? For reference I’m 220lbs with 33% body fat and my primary goal is to shed the spare tire and man boobs plus get the other benefits of higher T.

Thank you in advance, Appreciate any productive advice.

Well if you were to go on TRT you would be optimal for life, at some point in life most will become deficient. Option B you could live your entire life suboptimal.