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TRT or Chance for HPTA Restart?

Hi everyone

I’m looking for some advise about my situation. I am a 34 year old guy who at the age of 27-29 did some short (up to ten weeks) and long (up to 6 months) cycles mainly on test enan. PCT’s were usually happening but they were never perfect, I think mainly because I never felt terrible on PCT’s and I used to finish them off earlier then I should.

I have completely stopped with any AAS around the age of 30 (no PCT…). About 4 months after stopping I had first depression - GP prescribed fluoxetine which I’ve been taking for a year. After I have stopped I was OK for about 4 months before I was hit with another depression at the age of 31! Again, fluoxetine for a year (on both occasions when fluoxetine kicked in I was always full of energy and motivation, but I never wanted to take antidepressants for life). Depression never came back after that, probably because my daughter was born and I cut down on going out and switched into calmer lifestyle.

But one thing never seemed to go away is that constant feeling of being down, physically weak, not a lot of motivation/confidence and very little happiness since I have dropped AAS. Prior to that I was always extremely positive, full of energy and motivation. Now I get annoyed and irritated easily which doesn’t help with toddlers being around.

So I thought it’s about time I look into my hormones because low test could be the actual reason for my depressions and the way I feel.

So here they are, all within the range but test looking very low for a 34 year old! Lab results

My question is, should I look into one of the HPTA restart protocols? From what I can see my LH/FSH levels are looking OK so looks like my testicles are not doing very well. Maybe HCG upfront to wake them up a bit followed by 4-6 weeks of nolva or clomid?

I really don’t want to go into TRT straight away and I’m open to try a restart (I have access to HCG/nolva/clomid/aromasin etc). If I get some support from you guys I would post all lab results which I’m planning to do on a regular basis in order to help others who ended up in the same situation as me.

LH is great so a restart at this point isn’t necessary, HTPA isn’t the problem, the problem is your testicles are damaged, leydig cells are damaged from AAS. I don’t expect more LH to show much benefit since the testicles aren’t able to function optimally.

So I should leave it as it is then?

Your Free T must be in the gutter with SHBG at 35, your testosterone is very low for a 34 year old putting you at risk for the diseases associated with old age.

I believe TRT is your only solution.

If it were me, I would test your levels multiple times with more comprehensive blood work. Get FT, and E2 added. I would aim to measure on three mornings to be sure. If you have any doubts about thyroid function, test those too.

Personally I had symptoms, so I got a test and it came back at 479 ng/dL for TT. I was surprised how high that was, but it was at a really low stress, low training, and well rested period (which is unusual for me because of insomnia). All I tested was TT, and I was on the edge about any treatment, because it was low normal. then I did another test with TT and FT, came back at 379 (300-900 was about the range) and 10 (10-25 was about the range). Third measurement came back at 390, and 11. The second two measurements reflected more of normal life, and the first was during a week off of training and light work.

Get some more measurements. You want to have good info for a decision like this.

Ok so those results I posted yesterday were from about a month ago. Today I went for full blown test and everything is really low! I am feeling quite depressed (had very stressful 3 weeks at work).

Today’s lab results

Your situation is looking like pituitary damage and poor testicle response to LH stimulation, even with good LH stimulation the testicles just aren’t cutting it, now your pituitary gland has crashed making any natural recovery impossible.